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Basketball Jokes Youth Tryout Ideas
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Playing for a travel basketball team is a big decisions. Here are some questions to help you make the correct choice for your child.
1. Does my child love basketball? The first thing that needs to be analyzed is the interest your child has in basketball. If your child does not have a love or passion for basketball, it probably will not be the correct choice to tryout for a travel team. Players need to be committed to the sport and the team. A sincere interest in basketball is a must for all travel team candidates.
2. Does my child have the time to participate in all the practices and games? There are so many activities that are available to parents and children today. It is very hard to keep a good balance between school, music, activities, and play. To have a peaceful existence at home, be careful not to overbook your child. Look at your schedule carefully to determine if your child will have the time to attend all the practices and games.
3. Is my child talented enough to make the team?
4. How much travel is involved?