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The WZLX senseless survey is a great way to start your day with a smile. Kevin Karlson, the morning show host, calls people and random to conduct a senseless survey. Here our favorite questions. (If you like to smile, check out 365 family friendly jokes.)
It is best to listen to the survey to hear the responses. The questions are great, but some responses are priceless.

  1. If Albert Einstein was a rapper, do you think he would call himself MC squared? (Top Physics Jokes)
  2. Do you sometimes over think, over-thinking?
  3. Have you ever served a 4-game suspension in a Rec league?
  4. Have you noticed saying needless to say is usually needless to say?
  5. If you burp the words “excuse me,” does it count?
  6. Do you ever blow on yogurt to make sure it is not too hot?
  7. Yes or no to using a fork on a tater tot?
  8. Would you trust a woman named Rosetta Stone? (Spanish Teachers are Great Tutors!)
  9. Would you like to give a shout out to all the employees who must wash their hands?
  10. What is the cut-off age for a man sucking a lollipop in public?
  11. Would you agree a search party sounds like a fun way to look for someone? It’s a party after all.
  12. Can you name more K-cup flavors than states? (Top Geography Jokes)
  13. Have you noticed people are always overwhelmed or underwhelmed, why is no one ever just whelmed?
  14. Have you ever cut your hand on a box of band-aids?
  15. How long did it take you to figure out if you neighbor has wind chimes, then you have wind chimes?
  16. Does is sadden you to think that the food in your refrigerator spends most of it’s time in the dark?
  17. How many girls from high school who signed yearbook told you to “never change?” And if so did you? (Top Graduation Jokes)
  18. Do you think we should use volcanos to get rid of our trash?
  19. If champagne says that you are classy and vodka says you can do anything you want, do you think you should stop talking to your drinks?
  20. Be honest do you like cheese more than people?
  21. Would you watch a show called “Extreme Picnicing?”