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World Smile Day is a great opportunity to try a little applied Psychology with a high school class. World Smile Day is always on the 1st Friday of October.
QUESTION: Can sharing jokes bring smiles to students and staff around a school?

Scientific Method

Identify a Problem: Students and staff need a few more smiles during a fall Friday. A few weeks into the school year can cause some stress. The honeymoon is over.
Hypothesis: If a class posts clean, school appropriate jokes on lockers and around school, we will be able to create smiles and bring a little joy to students and staff. Here are some great jokes to share:

Collect data: Throughout the day, students can ask for feedback and observe the reaction of the students and staff around school. After a few days, we can get comments from others either verbally, through email or social media.
Analyze data: As the 1st attempt a lesson, there are always areas that can be improved. The lesson was created on short notice, so analysis of data will help with future lessons.