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The NBCOT® examination is a huge milestone; the final hurdle. Just understand, if you have done it through graduate school, you can do it through the occupational therapy board examinations. Say this to yourself, write it down and position it wherever you see it every day. If you want more than advice and support, this article could assist in distinguishing what the right attitude from a poor performance is.

Surely, graduation is a thrilling and exciting scenario; finally, no more studying late nights and cramming for tests! But, if you are an occupational therapist wannabe, your anxiety about taking exams won’t end after graduating because you have to take the national board examinations and pass it before getting your certificates.

A Good Method is a Passing Method for Study Prep

This way, think about it. Your brain is a database, and you generate more job for yourself by creating duplicate data stored at various places when memorizing information only by category. Therefore, you can help pass the test with an effective and efficient exam prep technique that matches your study habits.

Organizing your study guides can be an excellent opportunity to integrate and reshape the significant amount of information that may seem disconnected in your mind from semesters, settings, or books.

Reading and passively reviewing other research guides is rarely sufficient enough to encode data into your brain. Instead, create your study guides so that you can reorganize the information in a way you can effectively understand.

Exam preparation can offer you an idea of what to expect from a score to assist you in assessing whether you are prepared to plan a test date. Most importantly, the study guide goes through with a rationale, which can be useful in getting out of the overthinking mindset and using correct clinical judgment.

Anybody can pass the national board examinations without buying additional research material. Though ultimately, the guides of the study are still worth every dollar when you’re preparing for the exam. Some websites can certainly help and assist you with your preparations, such as  PassTheOT. They’re an excellent resource for you.

Keep a serene mind

The time being before taking an extensive exam, particularly if you suffer from test anxiety, it can create or break your test output. You might believe you should spend that day studying thoroughly for the upcoming exam, attempting to cover every little piece of data you may have missed in your trials to review.

Hence, don’t fight it when you minded what the day of the test looks like and feel like going to the loo with your palms that are starting to sweat. Preferably, choose to use feelings as a tool of achievement and success.

If this scenario occurs to you, alternative techniques would be helpful. Panic makes it impossible to think, so you should exercise your alternatives in advance, such as listening to music that can somehow calm your mind, or doing things necessary to stop your overthinking.

Things which might provoke you to lose on examination

Over-scrutinizing the examination causes you to stress yourself, sometimes with information that doesn’t matter at all. This event is particularly an issue among adverse minded characters, that needs to be meticulous. It is a way of ensuring your tendency with a negative state of mind, to go through anything beyond. It’s in the law of attraction, that if you accept you’ll fail the test before you could even reach into the room, that negativity will remain with you throughout the whole examination.

Taking an examination, one thing that can trigger ill-preparedness is overconfidence. If you feel incredibly confident about the test because you think you know all the facts, you may speed through the whole examination and can cause you to miss important aspects.

Learning all the subjects at the same moment is not beneficial to the student because most learners create an error because they forget to focus primarily on their weaknesses and instead chose their strengths.

Candidates also make an error for studying long hours and burning out themselves. A person’s mind and body cannot function well if it is exhausted, so it is not advisable to study long hours.

Some of the resources provided on the internet could be outdated, disorganized, and have the irrelevance of what are the topics that should be studied for the exam.  And lastly, being distracted by social media, getting out with friends and the other alike the most cases why students fail at their tests. This scenario only causes difficulty grasping and understanding the information students learned.


Just take it easy. Overstudying and overconfident makes you lose the exams. Balancing is a critical component. Too much or too less can make you miss the chance of being an occupational therapy professional. Be yourself, don’t pretend like you are anyone else, a study basing on the techniques that you are most comfortable with it. A time for leisure and time for studying should be at the equilibrium. Good luck with your exams.