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Writing Advice for College Students

Guest Author: Tommy Falco

Interior design needs a creative mind. Your love for nature or exploring will help you become a great interior designer. Along with the need to learn more and the thirst for creating beautiful designs, you also need to love it. Interior designers bring out some amazing elements in your home that you would have never imagined existed. They also help you change your traditional storage ways and add more storage space in your home. They make big spaces seem smaller and more stylish and small spaces to look larger and accommodate a lot. So why should you be an interior designer?

  1. You get to use the skills you know on interior design and skills that you have gained from experience.

  2. You get to impact the lives of people by changing the environment they live in. This can be an office, house, restaurant, library or gym. The user or the client is able to improve customer experience and can easily manage the space available.

  3. You get to learn through every experience that you go through. This helps you make unique designs. Where you get to learn is also important. You are exposed to different designs and different environments. Those who get to learn from online platforms such as Revit for interior design are exposed to online photos and designs by others. If you get to learn from a local center or college, you get to learn from works you see and your environment.

  4. You get to lead customers or clients to their goals. Interior design helps you make the goals that your clients have set for themselves but have been unable to fulfill come to life. Gone are the days when interior design could only help those with a sensitive style. You will be able to help both those who have interior design skills and those who don’t.

  5. You get to be a problem solver. Interior design is about solving people’s problems. If a client has a problem of storage space in the kitchen, you get to find a way which will help increase storage space. You are also able to provide solutions which can be used in case some of the solutions you have set fail.

  6. You get to see people happy when you pay attention to detail. Clients love finding a new detail about their premises every day. They also love it when things are done to suit their style and taste or when the outcome is better than they had envisioned.

You get to work with different colors and material. When it comes to interior design, you are not restricted to certain resources. You can work with any furniture or paint as long as it pleases the customer and is safe for the environment, though at times this can be limited due to the funds allocated by the client. However, at times you can work with cheaper but very reliable and quality materials.