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A picker wheel is a tool utilized for various purposes. For example, parents utilize the picker wheel to ensure fairness on family night. It is not unusual for parents to permit their children to choose activities for family night. When there are more than two children, keeping fairness can be a bit sketchy. This is where the picker wheel comes into play, as it ensures fairness across the board. Educators, employers, businesses, nonprofit organizations, families, and students are turning to the picker wheel for one reason or another. It may surprise you, but online tutoring platforms have opened the door for their tutors to integrate the picker wheel into their curriculum. Why are tutors utilizing the picker wheel as part of their educational protocols? Find the answer in the content provided below.

Creating A Spelling Challenge

Regardless of age, it is pertinent for students to learn how to spell. They need to know how to develop thoughtful, impactful sentences. Learning how to spell will make a big difference in the long run. Therefore, you should use this tool to help your student learn to spell. When you spin the wheel, you never know what it is going to land on. Plus, you can constantly change the words on the wheel. Doing so will provide you with endless possibilities.

Using a picker wheel is a great way to keep your students guessing. Spin the wheel and see if your pupil can spell the word in question. Online tutoring is a huge asset for many families.

Selecting The Perfect Top For An Essay

When students are asked to write a unique essay, they oftentimes find themselves struggling to find proper topics. Just the mere thought of being put on the spot is enough to cause confusion for many students. Minimizing the task is as simple as spinning a picker wheel, which takes all the guesswork out of the process. A simple spin of the wheel will provide each student with a unique topic for the base of the essay.

The tutor hand selects a list of topics to input them in the picker wheel. Each student is given an opportunity to spin the wheel, earning a topic that is different from all the rest. 

The random name picker wheel is growing in popularity among online tutoring services. The tool has proven to be effective in helping students find ideal topics for essays related to American historical figures. Expecting parents are also turning to the tool to choose the perfect name for the newborns.


Using one of these tools will prove to be wise when attempting to tutor your son, daughter, or student. It adds a level of uncertainty to the equation and makes it difficult for the pupil to know what is coming next. When you use the tool, you can force your student to think quickly and remain engaged from start to finish. If you’re a teacher, it is wise to learn how to use this tool to your benefit. Doing so will pay dividends in the long run and it’ll prove to be helpful for your student too.