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Web developers and programmers are always in the hunt for some new techniques and mandatory tools, which will help them to gain flexibility and improve performance of websites. At a simultaneous rate, they are also quite conscious of all the website needs, which are to be made SEO friendly. It will ensure that the businesses using them will be more competitive than ever. It means they are always trying to make the websites easy for streamlining up for the SEO so that they might end up with better rankings in SERPs and can generate enough website traffic.

Among the lot, JS or JavaScript is already noted to be one popular form of programming language, designed for web development. According to some of the statistics, around 1.6 billion websites will not exist globally, and JS powers around 95% and more of them. It means that virtually speaking, all the devices are capable of just assessing internet and making them JS compatible in nature. 

Introduction and a note to it:

Right from its inception in the year 2006, jQuery is an open source based cross browser JS library, which has grown to be popular among web developers because of the ability to make it easier to use the J for web development. 

  • It rather makes the tasks rather simple which were previously quite complicated like the AJAX calls and DOM manipulation. 
  • It is rather evident that after considering huge volume of the deployment across world. jQuery is also the most preferred form of web development software. 
  • As one major programming environment, both jquery and JS will have some of the severe shortcomings related to SEO that has already made developers scramble for some of the other effective solutions for overcoming the said deficiency. You will come to learn a lot more about it from Dental SEO to say the least.

Reasons behind growing popularity of jQuery:

There are so many reasons which ensures why jQuery is one leading option for you to consider. Going through the options will definitely lead you to some greater values to consider in life.

  • First of all, you will enjoy unlimited tutorials. There are professionally designed tutorials available, which are important to know how to start programming in JS and using the jQuery library. There is no need to go through some thick books for reading on programming techniques as developers can learn from the online tutorials straight. As you are about to come across plenty of plugins for conceivable functions, even novices will find it easier to start designing some of the smarter web pages. Even some of the debugging codes will be easier with proper use of debugging tools available in plugins.
  • Elimination of some of the browser or cross-platform issues will be yet another reason behind jQuery’s growing popularity. Unlike some of the previous JS versions, jQuery is known to be fully compatible with some of the other web browsers, which will prove to be one major relief for the web developers as now they don’t have to fret about efficiency level or standards regardless of coding for Opera, Chrome or even Firefox.
  • Simplicity of development is another undeniable factor which makes jQuery leading the chart these days, when it comes to programming languages. While some of the novice programmers will appreciate stuff that can be learned quickly, old hands would love programing tools, designed solely for maintaining simplicity of using high on agenda. This programming language will definitely score high on this factor as it is developed not just to extent APIs but to enable delivery of higher UX. The ease of use and functionality are some of the main reasons on why it emerged to be a favorite with web developers.
  • Fast and light are some of the other characteristics of jQuery, which you might want to consider. Developers are well delighted with the jQuery as the bandwidth gets to be occupying a paltry 24KB with proper removal of some of the main functions from library. Then the options get to be conversed to the jQuery plugins in here. Now, the present development platform is stated to be quite light and easier for you to handle, making the present development process way more tiresome in nature.
  • Another version of jQuery for you to consider got to be quick coding. It is not that uncommon for the web developers, which is to commence coding within half hour of just starting off after using JS along with jQuery. The coding tools and even the documents are mostly required to be well packaged for giving out easy access so that the learning curve can be shortened compared to the alternatives ;like that of Prototype.

Some techniques you need to bother:

Even though with so many advantages buckling up, jQuery and JS will have its own set of negatives and this can impact SEO performance of any website seriously. In the current modern competitive context, this stage can erode performance level significantly of website, mainly when it comes to traffic generation capabilities, online visibility and even profit potential according to some of the major firms. It will make the service essential for executing strategies and ensuring proper use of jQuery, which will not lead to that sub-par SEO performance.

  • According to some of the pros and their thought research, it is vital to cover up a detailed SEO performance audit of the said website before you get to start to tweak it for some of the better forms of page rankings.
  • Make sure to reduce the HTML tagging to maximum as that might help. There are mainly two fundamental techniques of ensuring that web developers have just as many HTML tags as they need it and not more than that. The method is by adding code needed for making the web page function properly after loading for smoother user experience.

Once you are sure of the points to follow, using jQuery for SEO boost-up won’t be that difficult of a task anymore.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.