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Smoking is often underestimated. Attitude towards smoking does not seem to be as dangerous as to alcohol or cocaine, though it is the drug as well, and the number of people being into this habit is higher than the number of needle freaks. It must bring people to the thought that nicotine is more dangerous because it is less noticeable.

Smoking and its modern form – vaping – are both corrupt practices that a significant number of people adore for a long time even despite the understanding of all possible harms and disadvantages. If you have never experienced smoking and had no chance to go through the process of quitting, you might not understand the scale of the problem.

For some people, it takes years to give up smoking. You might put the difficulty under question, but the reality is different. Talking about smoking, not only nicotine works as the addictive, but also the process itself. Some people love the atmosphere of tobacco with friends; others see it as a trait of productive business negotiations.

To become a completely smoke-free person takes many struggles. However, people who did it draw the attention of others to both improvements of physical health and the bettering of state of mind. They notice that their mood is usually better, and life is free of irritation. For sure, it happens not immediately but is definitely worth trying.

There exist a number of methods to give up smoking. Some of them are approved by doctors (such as varenicline or nicotine replacement therapy, gums or vape mods (discover more here), some seem to be the product of alternative medicine (such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, etc.)). In reality, a patient usually gets a complex therapy, which combines the methods.

The official sources agree that anyone needs an individual approach. Moreover, scientists outline three essential links in a chain of nicotine addiction. They are physical, social, and mental. The outlining of these addiction constituents seems to be logical, and one should take them into consideration on the way to smokeless life.

Physical Component

It is not a secret that nicotine is the reason for being addicted to cigarettes. When a person inhales the smoke, nicotine triggers the release of a particular chemical in the brain. This chemical is called dopamine. The primary function of this chemical is to make you feel relaxed. The only problem is that after the level of dopamine decreases, a person might feel even more stressed than before. It causes cravings for another cigarette. It also works the same way with best vape mods if you use an e-liquid with nicotine.

A smoker or a vaper earns the tolerance (also called physical dependence) to nicotine, which means that these people need to increase the dose to get the same effect. The FDA has approved seven medications that can help to destroy this tolerance. However, a smoker cannot decide which of them to take, him- or herself. It is always a good idea to consult your practitioner. Your healthcare provider probably will need to do a couple of tests for understanding, which medicine fits your organism best.

Social Component

Nowadays, smoking or vaping as a social activity has become part of the routine for many. It is brightly depicted in various modern TV-shows, movies, books, etc. For instance, quite typical is the scene of a boss smoking a cigar after prosperous negotiations, or two good friends smoking and discussing their partners over a cup of coffee. Individual smoking rooms in public places and offices are beneficial in growing rapport between co-workers. Vape cafes and online communities also make people closer while discussing the best box mods.

Smoking as an instrument of the social icebreaker is a way to move on to someone or to find a new friend in a new environment (new job, student community, party, etc.). Those who quit might be afraid that they will lose attachment to their smoking friends. Scientists recommend creating support groups of those who are giving up smoking. These people can gather and discuss the negative sides of cigarettes, vape mods, hookahs, and positive changes in their lives. Emotional support from family, friends, and co-workers is also an effective tool in the war on addiction.

Mental Component

As it was mentioned, smoking becomes a part of our everyday life. One cannot imagine his or her day without a cup of coffee and a cigarette in the backyard after dinner. For some people vaping with a colleague before the shift is vital. Thus, it becomes a stress, for example, to forget your best vape mod for clouds at home while going for a weekend. Consuming nicotine (no matter as either a cig or a vape pen) binds you to a specific positive emotion, and you cannot be on cloud nine without this habit.

A person lacking nicotine is loaded with emotional stress. The talk with a friend does not seem to be sincere enough without a cigarette. Drinking out on Friday night without the best box mod vape is not perceived as a fun adventure. Scientists stick out for tracking suck moments because without identifying and getting rid of such triggers, a person cannot fight the addiction. Comprehension, consciousness, and assumption are basic bricks of readjusting behavior of a former smoker in a new sober life.

Main Tips to Quit

The main difficulty in giving up smoking lies in the fact that addition catches out both the body and mind. Therefore, a patient needs not only medical treatment but also big changes in their psyche, including emotional and habitual levels. It is also important to look through the priorities and analyze the practicability and expediency of smoking or vaping. The other point is to denounce the marketing secrets of “the best mods” and “the modernized cigs” and make it clear that real life is different from the screen.

The Most Effective Methods

Rehabs continue to be the best option for those who are dead set on quitting. Doctors provide a person with constant control and professional care. All the outer irritators and triggers are minimized. A person gets a new social circle and can find sympathetic friends.

For those who have no opportunity to go to rehab, there exist several occasions, which do not need to drop out a healthy life. There exist a number of communities where you can share your own experience and get support from other people.

Also, modern technologies nowadays help people who are not sure if they can go through the thorny path. It might be emotionally challenging for a big boss to visit the support group out in the city, but online communities are safe areas in this case.

Anyway, visiting a doctor before making a decision is always a good idea. Only a professional can determine the medicines you need and the therapies that can help in your case. You can also find some useful information on the Internet to choose the best option.