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Guest Blog: Jack Joyce

You do not have to have been trapped in a building on fire to appreciate what a harrowing experience that can be. Just watching reports of fires and the devastation they cause is enough to give you nightmares. Most people have mild fires at home that have not escalated to full-blown infernos, but if you have had even a teeny burn on your pinkie, you do not want to imagine a larger area with the same level of agony.

It is therefore imperative that disaster management systems be put in place to deal with fires when they occur. You have already learnt from the media that fires do not only happen at home. There are office fires, forest fires, restaurants, clubs, resorts, media houses and just about everywhere else. Every place is vulnerable to a fire breakout. Fire training is therefore necessary.

Who should be trained?


  • Employees

  • Caregivers

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Secretaries

  • Social workers

  • Prison wardens

A fire can break out anywhere. We have established that. It therefore makes sense to have everyone go through at least a fire drill and basic first aid for victims.

However, you can have a few people in the workplace get trained as fire wardens.


  • Should a fire break out, you have trained personnel in place who can ensure it does not spread even as you wait for the firefighters. They can also perform basic first aid if need be. If it is a small fire, they are trained to put that out. Since they know how to deal with different types of fires, it is highly unlikely that the fire will escalate because someone threw something on it that will make worse.

  • Employees feel safer and as a result, there is increased productivity.

  • There is increased confidence in the employer. Inasmuch as they know that you are protecting the business premises, they know that you are protecting them too. When employees are assured that the administration values them, they work better and loyalty is increased.

  • The employees are motivated to give their best and performance is enhanced as a result.

  • Those chosen to undergo the training appreciate the trust that the administration places in them. It could even enhance their sense of job security. If you have been chosen to be a fire warden, it is highly unlikely anyone is planning on firing you tomorrow, pun intended.

What is a fire warden responsible for?

  • Each warden is responsible for a particular area. Should there be a fire in your area, you are the first and nearest to deal with it.

  • A warden makes sure that everyone is out of the building in the event of a fire.

  • The warden controls the situation ensuring that it does not getout of hand.

  • Keeps everyone calm

  • Checks the area to ensure that no one has been left in the building

  • Ensures that the vulnerable, for instance those with disabilities, are evacuated first and fast

  • Does a head count and reports any missing persons to the firefighters when they arrive.

Fire wardens are important in the workplace to ensure that the rather delicate situation does not get tragic, so getting a few employees to go through fire training will be a good thing for your enterprise as there will be fast response when it is needed.