My Town Tutors is making a huge commitment to be the #1 tutoring resource for parents and teachers in America. Our motto is “Teachers are great tutors!” Parents love the fact that every teacher in our directory is a teacher! Our 50 day challenge is designed to connect with teachers who tutor in all 50 states.
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Great Summer Jobs for Teachers!
Below is a list of the last day of school by state.

  1. Missouri is May 22nd, 2015 via @JApostol3! Find a Missouri teacher who tutors! Top Missouri Educators!
  2. Florida is May 27th – June 5th, 2015 via @2014FloridaTOY Educator of the Week: Florida: Find a Florida teacher who tutors! Top Florida Educators!
  3. Texas is June 5th, 2015 via @MrsMorgansClass Educator of the Week: Texas: Find a Texas teacher who tutors! Top Texas Educators!
  4. Michigan is June 6th, 2015 via @MR_ABUD Educator of the Week: Michigan: Find a Michigan teacher who tutors! Top Michigan Educators!
  5. Pennsylvania is June 20th, 2015 via @KenMoss007 : Pennsylvania Find a Pennsylvania teacher who tutors! Top Pennsylvania Educators!
  6. Masschusetts is June 26th, 2015 via @ncarroll24 Educator of the Week: Massachusetts: Find a Massachusetts teacher who tutors! Top Massachusetts Educators!