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Author Bio: Harald Meyer-Delius Editor of the Printsome blog during the day and aspiring author/pizza enthusiast at night. Follow me on Twitter @hmdelius!

Did you even know there are different ways of printing onto fabrics? You probably do because you’re smart, but most people don’t. Think about all the types of personalised t-shirts you have seen, and they are all printed with different techniques.

Choosing the printing technique that’s best suited for your project will probably be the responsibility of your printer or account manager, but it is always good to know the difference between the main processes in case they’re giving you the wrong advice.

For example, did you know that screen printing is best suited for large orders? Or that when working with transfer printing it is always better to use vectors instead of pixels?

Find that out and more in our ‘What’s the best printing technique for me?’ infographic.


This infographic was brought to you by Printsome, an online T-shirt printing agency that provides personalized merchandise and awesome service to brands and companies all over the UK.