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Whatever you say, students are actively involved in sports. And football, and tennis, and soccer and swimming. Everywhere is full of volunteers. But what attracts students most?


“Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is probably a phrase you’ve come across a million times. But are the sports really necessary, and if yes, what are the most popular sports games among students?

Usually, schools do not force their student to participate in physical activities, but joining available sections is still highly encouraged. Some of the schools not only have a long history of academic achievements but are also famous for their sporting events and sports clubs. In fact, sport is deeply entrenched in the education and cultures of many countries.

This post explores types of games that are popular among students. First things first, so let’s find out why sports make an inevitable and important part of students’ lives?

  • Well, sporting activities help students stay fit. Sitting all day in a classroom is tiresome, and so by partaking in physical education, students get re-energized mentally and physically to participate in more academic activities. In fact, when you are fit, doing a research paper in one day is not going to be a challenge.
  • Sports help socialize.
  • Physical education in culturally-ingrained in many societies that believe that as a child grows, they should do sports because it helps them develop physically and improve mentally.
  • It promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Popular Sporting activities among school goers

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular games students play, whether within the grounds of academic institutions or at home.

  • Soccer/Football

FIFA World Cup 2018 is gone, but that doesn’t mean we should wait four years to feel the excitement of the game. Football has been around for generations and is not going to disappear in the nearest future. The game involves 22 players, with 11 on both opposing sides. In schools, it is not just a popular game but also an event that brings together students of different age groups, cultures, forms and genders. Playing football helps learners to keep fit, connect with others, collaborate and learn to work in teams. American football is an entirely different game, but it is very popular, too.

  • Cycling

Riding a bicycle is another popular sporting activity in schools, which helps students keep fit mentally and physically. Like football, it is an outdoor challenge with different levels of competition.

  • Dancing

Dancing is not just a recreational activity but is now a sporting activity in many schools around the world.  It is also an art where students exercise their skill. It is an enjoyable sport that brings together competitors and massive audiences. It helps learners stay healthy and acquire mental focus and strength for more enthusiastic participation in classroom activities.

  • Hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in schools. The game involves 11 players hitting around a hard, plastic ball using a stick towards the opponent’s goal. Ice hockey is a variation of the game and is more popular in North America than the rest of the world. You can get prepared to hit the ice by finding a good pair of skates at

  • Badminton

This game involves two players who hit a shuttlecock across a net. It is another popular game in schools and is now gaining recognition in Asian countries.

  • Basketball

Here, there is a rectangular court on which participants play. The game involves 5 players on both sides aiming to shoot a ball into a loop of the opposing team. Basketball is not just popular in the U.S.A but also a major sporting activity in schools around the world.



This post does not cover all sporting activities in schools, but only the most popular ones.  However, it does not mean that others like Archery, athletics, Boxing, Canoeing, Cricket, swimming, Dodgeball, baseball, handball, Ultimate Frisbee and Netball should be forgotten. It always depends on the country and the significance of each sport in each separate educational institution.