Despite having a very controversial name, the dad chair manages to guarantee comfort for any member of the family, being an interesting piece that can be placed in any room of your home. They are generally more robust, and take special care in comfort, like some reclining sectionals.

The idea of ​​having an extra space to relax is necessary, so let’s go into the deeper details, what would a dad chair be in itself? And what are the main characteristics to choose the best one? Come understand it a little more, here with us.

What is a “Dad” Chair?

Firstly, this is a type of furniture that will not have a completely exact definition. An armchair, to fit that name, needs to be robust, reclining, and extremely comfortable. As it has a controversial name for what it wants to represent, many companies that manufacture it have already eliminated the word “dad” from the name.

Reclining chairs are an excellent option if you want to add sitting furniture to your home –  be it in your bedroom, in the living room, or even in your transformed basement, they can be fitted anywhere, giving sophistication and warmth to every environment.

In smaller places, this piece of furniture can even become the protagonist of the room, replacing larger sofas, completing the decor, and becoming the favorite place to relax. Sure, it can be hard sometimes to find the perfect chair for you, however, we are here to help you with that!

How to Find the Perfect “Dad” Chair

As its differential is the comfort that it may bring, this should be the most important feature when making the decision. The best thing is to be able to go to a store that has the desired model available and try it out, evaluating the selected furniture. However, if you can’t go to a store to do the test, the tip is to be guided by the chair’s foam density, which should be more or less 26 to 33 for a person between 70 and 100 kg. Equally important is making sure it fits your age and health requirements – dad chairs are bound to get you sleepy so finding one that offers the right angle for smooth sleeping, especially if you have concerns such as sleep apnea. Just like you can get adjustable beds for sleep apnea, you can also get dad chairs that have this issue in mind, ensuring safe sleep.

You should also think about all the existing models and which one fits best with what you are looking for or want to put in your home. The personality of the chair should be in line with yours and can go from retro, with a more old-fashioned look, to the modern and futuristic ones, which can even count with a massage system.

If the brand that produced the chair is very important to you, then you should know that the best brands in the world of design are Le Corbusier, Barcelona, ​​Saarinen, Egg, Eames, and Swan.

Think About the Most Suitable Size and Material

Its robustness is the one that will practically translate its size, which can complicate its use in apartments or houses that have less space and still have sofas.

To be able to find the ideal size for you is very simple – write down the measurements of the furniture and use them to draw its shape on the floor with the help of masking tape, and make sure you have at least 60 centimeters from the furniture for any other object, thus ensuring good circulation on the spot.

Another very important question is to consider how the armchair looks when it is open. Many people end up forgetting to measure this dimension too, and may end up compromising their space when they place the furniture in the chosen environment.

An average dad chair size is 43in/110cm high, 37in/95cm wide, and 35in/90cm deep, but remember that there are armchairs of various sizes, you just have to find the perfect one for you. The density of the furniture is also important, the most suitable ones being around 0.8 to 1 lbs/in3, or 23 to 28 g/cm3.

The fabric and material will be better chosen with your will and personality in mind, where each one will have negative and positive points. For example, if you have children or animals, it is preferable that you choose a more resistant and less dirty fabric, but if you want to be more economical, there are nautical fabrics, which are developed for outdoor areas.

Choose The One That Will Bring You More Functionality and Comfort

Nowadays, there are innumerable models for different kinds of seats, where each one has a better innovation than the last, but all of them with a single goal – to increase your comfort and bring you more functionality. Whether you are using the old dad’s chair or a brand new one, make sure it fits what you really want and that it covers all your needs.