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Although Instagram is well-known for creating high engagement, you must put in some efforts to drive things in the right direction that provide dividends for businesses. Creating eye-catching visual content can help to draw all attention to your brand, but the task is not at all easy. It has now been more than a year that using memes for Instagram marketing broke new grounds in increasing engagement. Earlier, the norm for using memes on Instagram was to confine them within the Instagram meme account. This has now changed as businesses have realized the enormous power of memes that can handsomely contribute to building brand identity, increasing engagement, and generate more interest in products. 

There comes a time when increasing the number of followers is not enough to help the campaign gain enough traction. To overcome it, buy real Instagram followers that give an instant boost to the campaign. Yet, something might still go amiss, and the marketing returns are lower than expected. After trying out all the techniques like leveraging user-generated content and posting stunning visuals, marketers might still feel that the desired results are a far cry. To buck the trend, marketers must tap into their creativity by using memes for Instagram to take their campaign to a new level that promises better business returns.

Instagram memes

Whether you use memes for Instagram or on any other social media platform, these have the common traits of being funny and clever but laced with pop-culture. However, when you use memes for Instagram, it acquires a lot of importance to marketers for whom these are tools for enhancing engagement.   It will not be wrong to say that memes have undergone re-birth on Instagram by playing a critical role in business improvement, which underlines its specialty.  The importance of memes for Instagram is evident from how some of the most active Instagram accounts thrive on memes only that enjoy widespread sharing. Many of these accounts have more than a million followers.

The transition

Instagram marketing primarily revolved around feeds that carried the content and was solely responsible for generating engagement that translated into meaningful conversions and helped businesses earn revenue. Since the inception of Instagram and from the time it started turning business-friendly, feeds have held the center stage for upholding the content. The trend continued until 2018, when the first signs of transiting to memes started showing up.  Memes caught the fancy of businesses that realized their ability to grow and evolve and even appreciated its long life to be put to best use for Instagram marketing. The highly visual appeal of memes suits the Instagram format perfectly, and using it for creating fodder for social media is easy. At the same time, it can breathe new life into the social media marketing strategy. 

Since 2019, memes began trending more widely on Instagram as businesses and brands quickly embraced the newfound creativity to boost engagement many more times than all the previously tested marketing techniques.

The benefits of using memes for Instagram marketing are many, especially the high impact it creates among the audience that encourages them to embrace the brand firmly.

Promote your brand values

The high social appeal of Instagram encourages people to follow accounts that they find relevant without considering who is behind it –influencer, brand, or something else. Therefore, it is critical to relate your Instagram account with the target audience by implanting elements that express its relevancy to users and helping them understand at a glance what your business is all about. Memes are only a means of engaging the audience by adding fun and enjoyment to the content. The real trick is to convey the message subtly that upholds the ethos and brand values while making it relevant for the audience that provides reasons for staying engaged. 

Promote your products

Memes make light work of promoting your products because it looks entirely different from advertisements which can often repulse the audience. Memes look funny and witty but without any commercial innuendo. Thus, it becomes easy to promote your products without talking about business.  Memes provide a viable option of soft-promotion instead of being the type that would make it appear to impose the audience’s business message.

Despite the opportunities of selling your products on Instagram, focus on reaping the benefits of incredible engagement that the channel offers, which pays back well for your business in the long run.

 Time it right

Memes enjoy high sharing, and you can share Instagram memes that help link back to your brand and business.  Memes that might appear far-fetched could have a deep relation to the company and brand without being explicit, and you must capitalize on it by sharing the right memes at the right time that provide the proper returns.

The excellent entertainment value of memes allows businesses to engage with the audience in a deeper way.