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Sometimes our desires are not the same as the possibilities. The modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules, so busy people often do not find time to learn anything new. is an online tutoring platform that easily connects you to a tutor for a 1-on-1, personalized learning experience. In our times of distance learning, Lrnkey gives a wide opportunity to learn WHATEVER you want, WHENEVER you want, HOW much you want, HOW deep you want. First, let’s talk about online learning with a tutor. Online learning -Is a form of education, in which a teacher and a student interact at a distance using information technology. During online learning, the student is engaged independently according to the developed program, looks at the recordings of lessons, solves problems, works with the teacher during the online class, and periodically gives him his work for checking.

Online learning has become popular with the advent of the Internet, opening up new development opportunities for residents of remote settlements and business people with busy work schedules. Initially, online learning was perceived only as an additional way of acquiring knowledge or preparing for exams. Now you can take full-fledged distance courses and advanced training programs from anywhere in the world.

With so much variety of online tutoring websites, Lrnkey gathered all the advantages and developed an online tutoring platform that creates the best experience for both tutors and students. Here we will mention only a few points that make Lrnkey better than other similar platforms and websites.

Variety of online lessons

Lrnkey has more than 1000 programs, the ability to create a program for your goals and objectives. Programs take into account the requirements of the current market and trends.

The platform is the best place to learn coding as well as the most creative skills like crochet, day trading, rap. As it offers a lot of professional and experienced tutors from around the world, who will be happy to chat with you during free lessons and guide you if you have doubts about something.

A distinctive feature of our training courses is a practical focus, a variety of forms of training, and flexibility, which allows you to adapt the material taking into account the goals and objectives of the students.

Free intro lesson

Lrnkey makes it best for you to find an online private teacher that will guide you through the journey of knowledge.

Meet your future tutor and find out your level of knowledge in a trial lesson.

Only you know what suits you personally. It is better to check the effectiveness of the courses yourself than to trust advertisements, other people’s opinions, or simply choose the cheapest courses. A trial lesson gives you the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes and make your own conclusions.

In a trial lesson, you evaluate:

·     How comfortable you are in class with this teacher;

·     How well prepared the teacher is, is he fluent in the material, does he answer all your questions?

·     How active is the lesson?

·     Did you manage to learn something new and interesting in the lesson?

Low fees

With Lrnkey you get maximum savings. Compared to other online tutoring platforms that add 20-30%, or even 40% fee for a lesson, the fee in Lrnkey is only 10%  and in return, you get the ability to reschedule and cancel lessons for free, full 24/7 support of the staff that will help with any question raised.

You should also pay attention to such details as:

Duration of classes. Some schools offer lessons of 45-50 minutes, while we have lessons of a minimum of 1 hour and more. There is no fixed duration for any lesson. Only you and your tutor decide the duration, frequency, and content of your program. 

Terms of payment for lessons. Some schools offer lessons at low prices only when paying for a full course of study or a year of study (50-70 lessons). Therefore, compare prices for the same package of lessons, and do not just look at the minimum numbers written on the sites. On you will see the exact price for the lesson and will not get surprised with it after attending any of them. On you will see the exact price for the lesson and will not get surprised with it after attending any of them.

 Tutor flexibility

It is important for us to give students modern knowledge. Our tutors update the programs of courses and seminars on time, monitor trends, and are always ready to share the most important things.

Course developers and tutors are not only experienced teachers but also leading specialists of companies with extensive practical experience and successfully implemented projects in their subject areas.

You can find all the information about tutors in the Employment and Education sections by clicking on their profiles. For the most creative skills, you can also find pictures and videos with work examples.

After registering on the website, you will feel all that makes better than others, including the points we already mentioned.

We will be happy to welcome you into our big family.

See you soon.