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The SQL database is valuable to every business. It is an indispensable asset for a company in the digital world. The database of any company forms the backbone of a software application. Without a database system, the business applications cannot function as per the requirements of the user. 

What does the SQL database testing cover? 

Database testing covers data validity, testing data integrity, performance checks, and testing procedures, functions, and triggers in the system.

For instance, think of an application that catches the daily transaction details for its users. It subsequently stores these details in the system. From database testing, you should conduct the following checks-

  1. The information of the transactions from the applications must be stored in the system. It should offer correct data to the user
  2. You should not lose this vital information when it is loaded into the database 
  3. The application of the database should store complete operations, and the system should abort incomplete transactions
  4. You must maintain the access authorization to the system. Make sure there is no unauthorized or unapproved access to the system. Information about the user should always be provided.

Reasons for you to perform database testing 

There are several reasons why database testing should be performed. You should conduct the testing to check into the integrity of the data, its consistency, validation, and more. Ensure that you check the system from the backend too. This is needed for you to store data and access it for multiple reasons. Given below are the top reasons for you to carry out database testing-

  • To simplify the call complexity to the backend of the database, developers enhance the deployment of stored and views
  • Procedures. They contain essential tasks like entering the details of customers like name, contact number, etc., as well as the data associated with sales. These important database tasks need to be tested at multiple levels. 
  • Testing of the black-box- This needs to be performed at the front- end levels. However, it is hard for you to keep the issue separate. Database testing at the backend levels boosts the data’s robustness. This is why the back- end system of the database needs to be tested. 
  • Note that is the database, the information is derived from several applications. There is a probability of correct or harmful information getting stored in the system. There is no requirement for you to check the components of the database frequently. Besides this, you must check the consistency and integrity of the database regularly.

Front end tests versus database testing 

Note that database testing differs from UI front-end testing. Given below is a table that highlights these primary differences- 

Database testing UI testing 
Here the backend system of the database is tested. It is used for the validation of data and its integrity UI testing is known as GUI testing and application testing. 
This testing procedure involves the tests of components of the back-end system that the users cannot see. It includes components and the database management systems like Oracle, MySQL and moreThe UI testing procedure involves checking the use of the functionality of the app along with its components like menus, reports, graphs, reports and more 
The database testing covers the checking of procedures stored along with schemas, views, and procedures in the database system, its triggers, its keys, tables, validation in data and consistencies in data checks UI testing covers the tests that pertain to the application. The components that are checked here are the keys, fields, forms, buttons, images, and calendar. It also checks the navigation from one page to another as well as the complete functionality of the app
To execute the testing of the database, a tester has to have extensive knowledge of the concepts of a database like functions, procedures keys and have a clear understanding of SQLFor UI testing, the tester should have an extensive understanding of the business requirements, coding, functional knowledge of the application, and more. 
Data arrives from several heterogeneous sources of data over applications on the web, diverse applications, and Intranet appsThe user enters the data manually into the application. This engages the functional testing of applications at the front end

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Know the different types of SQL database testing 

Database testing is based on its function and structure. It is divided into the following groups- 

Structural- This focuses on testing tables and columns, schemas, procedures that have been stored, testing of views, testing triggers and more

Functional- These deals with testing the database functionality from the user. The popular types of functional testing for a database are the Black and the White Box Testing  

Non-functional- This involves testing the load, its risks in the system, testing of stress, and minimal requirements of the system. It focuses on database performance. 

What are the general challenges that you can face with the SQL database testing?

There are many challenges that you will face for this, the key is to overcome them smartly and with confidence. Given below are the general challenges you face when you are testing the database of a business-

  1. The scope of database testing is huge 
  2. The database that you are testing has been scaled down
  3. There are several changes in the structure of the database 
  4. The test plans that have been created are complicated
  5. The tester does not have a good understanding of the SQL database

Therefore, when it comes to testing the SQL database, keep the above factors in mind. You need to perform database testing primarily to ascertain its authentication, resilience, availability, confidentiality, and integrity. Note that database testing is different from application testing. When you need to get the SQL database tested, ensure you reply to experienced and professional experts with excellent credentials in the market to get the job done for you.