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Get a university degree, it will be good for your career. This is good advice, isn’t it? Well of course the answer is yes but there’s a fair bit more to it than that. It’s what you do when you are there that is also important and this is true for employers and they will want to know a fair few things about your student years and what you were up to.

Choice Of Subject

This is clearly important, although more for some jobs than others, I think it’s fair to say we don’t need to go into too much detail of careers where a vocational degree is essential, clearly for a doctors job you’d need a medical degree but for other jobs the distinction is not so clear cut. Take a job as a researcher, for example, what type of research is it the job would require? Have you any experience, is it qualitative or quantitative, are there software skills or expertise with certain equipment required and if you have this then all the better.

Types of Projects Undertaken

So even if you have a degree in a relatable subject matter to the job you are applying for the employer may then get a little bit more specific and want to know what types of projects and assignments you completed during the course, what was your dissertation on, for example. If you can show tangible evidence of work that clearly shows your aptitude for the vacancy you can see how it will greatly enhance your chances of being hired.

Work Experience Undertaken

Many courses have opportunities of a placement year included in the course and it can often be a good idea to take up these opportunities as they might be of relevance to any future job applications. Also especially if they are in the right subject area they can also be good for the experience and expands your personal horizons as well.

Type Of Qualification Obtained

There are different types and levels of degree available, you might consider the difference between a two and a four year degree and it’s clear that you will have more learning from the longer degree, but that all depends on what type of job you are applying for, perhaps you have used your additional two years to get invaluable professional experience. Also gaining a postgraduate degree such as a Masters can really make the difference in certain lines of work.

References From Teaching Staff

How well did you get on with your tutors and professors while taking your studies? If you managed to make an impression and have a member of the faculty who is willing to put in a word for you then this can be very impressive and go a long way towards securing that job for you. This will be even more rewarding if you can convince a member of staff to pen a letter of recommendation rather than just agreeing to be a referee.