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Powder Monkey: NPS Web Ranger

This a “Medium Difficulty” activity. Complete the activity and answer the questions


1. It’s the year ______________. The U.S. is at war with ________________ ________________

The USS ___________________________________, one of the Navy’s great war ship, is about to set sail to defend our country.


2. When we’re in battle, your most important job is will be that of ___________________________.


3. Do you know why you are called a powder monkey?

The boys who cleaned the bathrooms

The boys in charge of feeding the monkey on the ship.

The boys in charge of carrying the gunpowder to the cannons on the ship.


4. CREW: ______________ and Gun Info

__________ Crew 450

__________ Marines 55

__________ Small boys 30

__________ Officers & Midshipmen

5. GUNS: _______ 52


__________ long guns 30

__________ Carronades 20

__________ Bow Chasers 2


6. List the decks from top to bottom

__________________________ Spar Deck

__________________________ Gun Deck

__________________________ Berth Seck

__________________________ Orlop Deck

7. The __________ ___________ is called the Spar Deck.


A. Wheel (Activity) Steer the Ship

Left ________________________ Port

Right ________________________ Starboard


B. Mast

You can see for _______________ from atop the mast.

You may be asked to climb up there and ___________________ with the sails.


C. Cannons


32-pound cannons, also called ___________________________, It takes a crew of ____ to ____ men to run these heavy guns.


This is the main hatch. The openings allow ________________ & _______________________ down to the lower decks.


8. The Gun Deck

There 4 main parts of the gun deck (start left to right)

__________________________ Spar Deck

__________________________ Gun Deck

__________________________ Berth Seck

__________________________ Orlop Deck