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Running as well as managing eCommerce store is not something easy. It takes years of expertise and experience to deal with the SEO campaigns for eCommerce stores or businesses. A perfect SEO campaign should be designed with many crucial components. The first and foremost thing is the right way of conducting the campaign. The ethical approach should be adopted for running a business marketing campaign. To make things a little easier, you need to focus on the use of different tools for your business marketing campaign. Tools are used for saving time as well as money.

Importance of Using the Tools for SEO

Search engine optimization is a complex process, which comes with a lot of challenging things for business marketers. As a professional SEO campaign manager, you need to overcome the challenges. So, some of the benefits of using the tools for managing SEO campaigns are discussed below.

  • Using the tools for SEO will reduce your hard work. You have to give a lot of efforts in the collection of data and making changes to the SEO campaigns by analyzing data. Collection and analysis of data will get easier with the use of various advanced SEO tools.
  • If you use the SEO tools, your campaign will be managed with more accuracy. You shall find that the overall SEO campaign has become seamless.
  • When it comes to SEO campaigns, the use of the tools can reduce the overall cost of managing a campaign. When it comes to SEO campaigns, the use of the tools can reduce the overall cost of managing a campaign. Cutting the cost is always a good thing, as Eric J Dalius will help your company to invest in other priorities which could help your business to grow.

Different SEO Tools for the SEO Campaigns

Ecommerce web stores need proper and balanced SEO campaign. The campaign should include unique methods for accomplishing SEO goals. To run an effective campaign, you need to use some tools. Some of these SEO tools are discussed below.

1. Google Analytics

To run an SEO campaign, you need data. The value of data should not be ignored, as it helps in the decision making the process. You start an SEO campaign with a few strategies. Sometimes, these strategies work and sometimes they do not work. Now, the question is how you would know that your strategies are working or not. You need to check the data which has been captured by the Google Analytics tool. To start with the process, you need to have the script properly pasted on your website. This will incorporate Google Analytics with your website. Now, Google Analytics will track all the data on your website, including the number of visitors, conversion rate, click-through ratio and many more. All these things will help you to understand the effectiveness and drawbacks of your present SEO activities.

2. Google Search Console

Mostly, it is always recommended that SEO campaigners should use Google tools. This search engine comes with a lot of tools which comes with interesting ranges of features and services to offer. After the keywords tool and Google analytics, the next tool that you need for the purpose of SEO is the Google Search Console tool. This tool will help you to fetch more organic traffic for your website. The tool will help you to optimize your content so that visitors can find more relevant and crucial information. The recommendations of this particular tool will help you to get more Google views and better ranking for your search engine. With ChicagoSEO experts, you can get the best possible services.

3. Google My Business

The third essential SEO tool for the eCommerce store is Google My Business. This tool is advanced, and it is poised with a lot of unique ranges of features. Google listing is important for every business these days. Whenever people search Google with the name of your business, Google My Business information will appear on the screen for them. It displays crucial information, like reviews, photos, address, location map, phone number and many more. This is yet another free tool from Google, and it is absolutely essential to boost traffic reach of your eCommerce store.

4. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

For SEO campaigns, keywords are always considered as important. To find the most relevant and rewarding keywords for the SEO campaign of your business, you need to use the right kinds of keyword research tools. Well, different sorts of tools are there, and most of them are paid tools. If you are seeking free tools for your keyword research process, you should use the Google Keyword Tool. This tool is not just free; it is highly trustworthy for the purpose of keyword research. It is a product of Google, and thus trustworthiness is unparallel.

5. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Google has introduced so many tools to make the life of the website owners or eCommerce owners easier. With the Google tools, people can perform various SEO activities without facing any troubles. Google Structured Data Testing Tool is an interesting tool to be chosen. To validate stru8ctured data accuracy, this tool has to be used. As a result, the tool can help you to gain better search engine visibility. People can easily find more potential buyers for their eCommerce stores with the use of this special tool from Google.

6. Google Tag Assistant

If you are facing any major issues in dealing with the setup process of Google Analytics, you need to use the Google Tag Assistant tool. This tool is poised with a lot of interesting ranges of features. You shall find that the tool works perfectly for the purpose of setting up different Google tools, including Google Analytics. Overall, this tool also comes in the form of simple to use a browser extension. As a result, performing the SEO activities will get effortless experience with this amazing tool.

At the conclusion note, it needs to be said that Google is a leading producer of different tools for SEO. Using the tools from Google has two benefits. Firstly, they will be available for free. You can reduce your cost for an SEO campaign. Secondly, the tools are extremely reliable. Using these tools would not harm your SEO campaign by any means.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.