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A Sailor’s Life for Me

Students will complete the award winning game “A Sailor’s Life for Me.” It is an interactive created by the USS Constitution. Students will complete the daily tasks of sailors on the ship.

Students should create an account using a school or personal email address. This will save the progress. Assessment will be based on completing the assignment and total points earned. Students will start the activity in class. Most students will complete the activity during class time. If the students are absent or need more time, students should complete the assignment on his / her own time.

Below are detailed accounts of the daily tasks and lives of each rank:

Play New Game Play Loaded Game
Student need to earn points for


  1. Promotion
  2. Health and Happiness
  3. Popularity

The score reflects


  1. Rank
  2. Points
  3. $$$

Some notes on the game.

What 2 things can you accomplish by joining the crew of the USS Constitution?

  1. Chance to serve your country
  2. To see if a sailor’s life is for you

Leisure time

Options: role dice

The game

Lt. Hoffman confronts you after you break the rules.


“I confess it was me.” Lose promotion (-5) and health points (-5), gmain popularity (3)

or “I don’t know who did such a thing.”

Morning Watch 4:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Task: Holystoing: “Let’s see if you can get those planks as white as clouds. I like a man who likes a clean deck.”

Afternoon Watch noon – 4:00 The wardroom: “Here is where the ship’s officers relax, eat, drink, and chat. They expect their meals to be private, and don’t like being interrupted.”

Begin officer’s servant duty.

Task: Deliver the chamber pot and empty it into the sea  (Do not spill, need to go up a ladder)

Replay task / done with task

1st Dog Watch 4:00PM – 6:00 PM Your Mess ‘Every sailor on the Constitution is part of a 12-strong family called a mess. Messmates are not related, but they are as close as brothers. Each meal time they gather in the same spot on the berth deck, spread out a cloth, and sit around cross-legged to share their food.

Choose your meal:

Ingredients: Potatoes, Biscuits, beef, onions

Options: Begin telling tales / Begin playing dice / continue

Begin telling tales: How tall of a tale you can tell? Choose words for your story and try to impress your messmates.







Read the tale (can lose points for popularity and health)

Last Dog Watch 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Forecastle Leisure Time: “Work fills almost every minute of a sailor’s day, but from time to time, the strict routine slackens a little. The the Constitution’s men relax together on the forecastle. There is a chance to tell a tale tale and throw some dice in a secret (and forbidden) gambling game!

Sailor invites you to play “Going to Boston”

Read the rules

  1. Click the cup to gather the dice, shake it and release to throw 3 dice.

  2. Click the die with the highest number to set it aside.

  3. Throw the other 2 dice and take the highest number, setting it aside that die.

  4. Throw the last die and take that number.

  5. Add up the 3 numbers for your throw total.

  6. Highest score after 3 rounds wins.

Get caught gambling and lose grog for 3 weeks, lost 3 popularity points.

1st watch 8:00 PM to Midnight: At night, seamen sleep in hammocks between beams, or at least half of them do. The crew is divided into 2 watches (or teams). Shouted orders and pounding feet echo through the ship all night, but the sleeping sailors do not wake.

Another Month has passed you earn $8.00 in wages.

Holystoing: “Let’s see if you can get those planks as white as clouds. I like a man who likes a clean deck.”

Forenoon Watch 8:00 AM to noon: Gun Drill “Exercising the Guns: The Constitution’s guns give her awesome power, but they are only as good as the men who fire them. To improve your skills you must practice regularly, rehearsing a strict routine until you can do it blindfolded.”

Task: Surry down the magazine, two decks below, and fetch us up some powder, one cartridge at a time. Don’t trip over anything, and watch out for stray cannon-balls, and officers.”

Begin powder monkey duty: Complete 3 tasks l(Like Donkey Kong)

Officer’s Servant Duty The Wardroom:

Before Battle: “Ship Ahoy!” This cry from the masthead alerts the crew to a distant sail. It is the British frigate Guerriere, Within three hours, the ships are close enough to open fire with their cannons and the battle begins that will make the Constitution.

Midst Battle: At first the gunfire has little effect. When an English cannon-ball bounces off the Constitution’s timbers, a seaman cries, “Huzzah her sides are made of iron” … and earns the ship her famous nickname.

Midst Battle: The battle grows fiercer when Captain Hull sails closer to Guerriere. Pounding broadsides from the Constitution’s skilled crews brings down the English ship’s mizzen mass and the two vessels collide. Their rigging tangles and crews clash with musket fire.”

Midst Battle: When the ship separates Guerriere’s, other two masts fall overboard. Crippled and helpless, the English ship fires a single gun to signal defeat.

After  Battle: When the battle ends, the two sides count the cost. Because the Constitution’s  gunners aimed low, Guerriere is full of holes and sinking. Her captain comes aboard and surrenders. Captain Hull orders the rest of the crew on board his ship, and sets Guerriere on fire.

Cockpit after Battle: As the flames take hold, surgeons from both ships take work side by side on the casualties. The battles has claimed 7 American and 15 British lives. But first aid helps save Constitution’s seven wounded and more than 10 times as many from Guerriere.

After completing a level, you may be promoted to the rank of an ordinary seaman.

Ordinary Seaman

Sail Handling (Like Simon) It is in the same order, so you need to remember the order.


Another name of clothes Slops

How much money do you have?

How many months pay does this represent?

Must buy trousers, a shirt, shoes, vest, jacket, shoes and a hat. Comparison shop.


List items you bought cost and reason why










What is the advice Salute him and call him sir

Explore Old Ironsides

The Quarterdeck: What is the instrument and how is it used?

Maintop in Battle Each top carries and arms chest What is in it?

Bottom Caption: What is the size of the maintop?