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Disc #1 1750 – 1765

#1 Introduction (0:00 – 1:49) The introduction shares the research of the book, the history of the film production, and a summary of the series. It also introduces some of the main actors.

#2 Credits (1:50 – 3:30) (Nudity)

#3 A Very Good Son (3:30 – 615) (Nudity) The Gambia, West Aftrica 1750 The birth of Kunta Kinte. Binta gives birth to a baby boy. It is the birth of Kunta Kinte. “We have given him life.” A name will be given to Baby Boy in 8 days.

#4 Kunta Kinte Naming the Child (6:16 – 8:51)“The child is truly yours, the problem is yours.” naming the child.  Kinta Kinte “Behold the only thing greater than yourself.” (Foreshadowing of being named Toby by Master Reynolds at the Auction in Episode #2) 

#5 Partnerships (8:52 – 11:55) Annapolis Maryland 1765, (15 years later = Kunta Kinte’s Age) Captain Davies negotiates deal for captaining a ship, the Lord Ligonaire. His response to an interview question about why he no longer had his previous job – “either a man keep’s his word to me or he does not.” Lord Ligonaire Davies is shocked to hear the main cargo will be slaves (Image of slaves on the boat.

  1. America to “mother country”
  2. England to Africa Hardware
  3. Africa to America slaves

Village in Africa: Come finish your food. The family life in the village is portrayed, showing how the family interacts. The mom is feeding a child and the parents are raising children. “He tells himself often enough. All boys of 15 rains have a partnership with impatience.”

#6 Much to Learn (11:56 – 16:23) Kunta is in the field with another boy and they talk of manhood training. A leopard kills the she goat and Kunta Kinte must skin the goat. He returns to his father to share the news. “I drove it off.” The father tells the story of how he received his scar, stressing the “All men make mistakes. You must learn. Never run towards a dangerous animal. This I learned. Never run towards any dangerous animal.” 

#7 The Christian Thing (16:24 – 18:24) – Captain Davies is preparing to leave. The inventory is completed, including hardware. The benefits of thumbscrews is discussed. There are also 2 branding irons marked LL. “I prefer to leave on the Sabbath…the Christian thing to do.” As the voyage progresses, Captain Davies become a changed man.

#8 Manhood Training (18:25 – 25:04) Kunta speaks with his mother and proposes his theory on manhood training. “Kunta you have been a very good boy. I want you to know that. A VERY good boy!” Kunta is taken away in a hood. “A boy has a just lefts and a man will return.”

At manhood training the boys will learn the the ways of the tribe, including “Never challenge the “Kantago.” Other lessons – “A fearful person is a weak person and a weak person is a danger to his person, his family, and his tribe.”

Kunta Knite speaks out and is called out by the Kanatago. The Kantago goes over the rules of war. “The goal of war is to win. If you allow an escape. A warrior respects another warrior. A warrior kills only to protect his family. We believe in life, not death.”

#9 Doing Their Jobs (25:05 – 30:23) Slater and Davies are on the boat. They are in the slave deck, checking to see the readiness. There are woman and men. Estimate how many women as well as how many woman. 170 more or less. (Cigars) How many voyages 18. 17 more than I have made. Below decks you are the expert.

“What are they like? The blacks? A different kind of breed. Slow thinking, but strong  – “the natural order” “It’s good for them…Christianity, cannibals, no language, just grunts and groans.” They have no proper language, just grunts and groans.

#10 Types of Courage (30:23 – 36:21) – Wrestle with skills, the stronger you are the more honor you bring to your people. The wrestler – “We all eat the brave wart hog.”I cannot teach you courage. That is something you will take with you wherever you go.

#11 Fanta and Kadi Touray (36:22 – 39:58): Catching the Bird Kunta Kinte knocks over the the midday meal of Fanta. He meets Kadi Touray (O.J. Simpson). Kunta Kinte apologizes for his actions and fixes the cooking area. He continues to track the bird. He sees the white man with many captured Africans. The bird squirms free and white man fires a gun that hurts Kunte Kinte’s ears. He returns to the camp to notify the Kantago of the white man’s presence.

#12 Hunters and Their Catchers (39:59 – 43:46) While catching the bird, Kunta Kinte sees the hunters and their catchers. He notices the white man’s gun, an object he is probably unfamiliar with. 

#13 Bargain on the Beach (43:47 – 47:54) He returns to manhood camp to share the information that “I saw white men.” You must be on guard for the white man and their black traders.

At the beach they meet Mr. Gardiner “Did you bring any Rum?” How many blacks will you vessel hold? 170? There are ships up and down the coast. “Price raising maneuvers.” I will deliver. 

You must hear with more than your ears. “Never be alone, Never be out at night, stay away from high weeks or bushes. If you every see smoke. grass, his scent “it is a smell like a wet chicken” “Remember that Kunta Kinte saw the white man less than 2 days walk from her. The white man is here.”

#14 Celebrating the New Men (47:55 – 52:32) Fotos: The medical procedure is done. The “new” men return to tribe. There is dancing and celebration. The men are given necklaces by their fathers. 

#15 Binta’s Goodbye (52:33 – 54:40) Binta says goodbye to Kunta Kinte and is excited for the additional room. Kunte scolds his mother ‘A woman shall not tell a man what to do.” The final hug. Kunta does not hug back. Kunta finds his new hut and is VERY excited. 

#16 Nyo Bato’s Suggestions (54:41 – 57:00) Grandmother puts Kunta Kinte in his place. She suggests that Kunta make a drum for little brother as a show of love for his mother.

#17 Captured (57:01 – 1:01:45) Kunta Kinte searches for a log to make the drum. He is spotted by the slave hunters. He runs away trying to escape. He fights valiantly, but is outnumbered and is eventually captured. It shows his frustration and desperation.  

#18 A Matter of Philosophy (1:01:45 – 1:04:10) (entire scene Nudity) The slaves are marched to the cages and whipped to stay in line. Tight-pack or loose-pack philosophy is discussed. 170 will be enough. Better chance or bringing more through the passage. Is there another cask. There are a number of things I have never done before. It shows how the morals of the captain have changed. 

#19 Fellow Captives (1:04:11 – 1:08:32) The wrestler is also captured. The men of the village are out searching for Kunta Kinte. His father sees his necklace on the ground where he was captured and he screams out. Fanta is also captured. Fanta has hope that her family will find her. Her father just cried out. 

#20 Out of Her Embrace (1:08:33 – 1:10:08) (nudity) The men return after an unsuccessful search. The Father has to share the sad news. You still have 2 sons, but one is forever outside your embrace.” Binta cries a mother’s grief.

#21 The Ship’s Hold (1:10:09 – 1:16:14) The middle passage begins. The ship’s crew works above deck and the slaves are stored below deck. The conditions are atrocious. The shackles bloody the ankles and feet and their is much suffering. The Wrestler connects with Kunta Kinte. The Wrestler shares there is no hope of the warriors coming to find him.  The “canoe house” leaves no trail. Wrestler calms Kunta Kinte’s fear. He knows there are other tribes. He  also assures Kunta his is man in his eyes and eyes of Allah.

#22 Taken on Deck (1:16:14 – 1:21:04) Slater shares it is time to bring the slaves above deck to dance them and to get them exercising so we can clean out the hold. “We can look over the wenches.“ “I am a Christian man and I run a Christian ship.” It don’t hurt the cargo none. Point of fact it is good for them.) The captain prays. That will be all. (No belly warmer)

Kunta realizes the world is not what he expects. “There is no river bank. Wrestler wear is the river bank? Where is the earth? The earth is gone?” The captain does not want to look the slaves over. The captain wants the cargo cleaned. There are sores all over many of the slaves. 

#23 Exercise (1:21:05 – 1:24:30 nudity) Get those wenches. The slaves are cleaned with salt water that hurts the wounds. Captain does not look at the slaves – “Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Sir” “I want them well exercised.” The slaves start to chant together.

“I believe I can guess what they are saying. They are telling us to sleep lightly, Mr. Slater.” Captain Davies looks in the mirror reflecting on his actions.  

#24 Removing the Dead (1:24:31 – 1:29:19) The slaves are feed little food. “Eat the food, you much be strong to fight the white man. Be strong to kill the white man.” The slave next to Kunta Kinte is dead. The slave is removed, dragged above deck and thrown into the sea. “There goes 100 guineas to the sharks.”

#25 The Captain’s Companion (1:29:20 – 1:31:21 nudity) Captain Davies begins to write a letter to his wife. “Mr. Slater come with something for your chill. I just brought her as a belly-warmer.” There is an awkward interaction between Davies and the Slave“You don’t understand anything I say do you?”

#26 One Village (1:31:22 – 1:35:14) Kunta Kinte tells the Wrestler of his dream. “We will kill the white man and we will go home. I saw 20 with long knives, with smoking sticks. 10 more. That means there are 100 warriors. If we had a plan. “Men chained together are brothers. We are one village. ” Wrestler – Who is Mandinka? Th wrestler encourages the slaves to learn the words of other tribes. “We will be ONE Village!”

#27 End Credits (1:35:15)