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FREE U.S. History Lessons / Electoral College Highest to Lowest / President’s Day Jokes

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ICivics is a great resource for U.S. History teachers. There are so many great lessons that can be used with students. There are some great activities for the 2016 Election.

Electoral College: Highest to Lowest

ICivics: Win the White House

Before starting the assignment, read over the teacher’s guide to the activity to prepare the students. Win the White House Game Guide. There also is a great reading activity that you can use before completing the game: The Electoral Process.

Running for the presidency isn’t easy! In Win the White House, you get to manage your very own presidential campaign by strategically raising funds, polling voters, launching media campaigns, and making personal appearances. Keep a close eye on the map as you battle over electoral votes and popular support.

Win the White House was made possible by generous support from the Hearst Foundations.

Possible Achievements

Take the High Road: Make it through the entire campaign season without slinging any mud with negative ads or appearances.
It’s a Landslide: Win more than 300 electoral votes after ten weeks on the campaign trail.
Dough Roller: Make the most of your fundraising events! Raise 30 during the campaign.


On Message: How well do you know your issues? Make it through the campaign without going off message!

The Great Debator: Control the debate by correctly matching all issues with their descriptions before the Primaries.


Things to consider: BIG ISSUES

Select name

Select Slogan

Select political party


Select Issues for debate

Alternative Energy

Equal Access to Healthcare

Expanding the Rights of Gays and Lesbians

Federal Funding for Registration

Global Cooperation

Government Transparency

Gun Control

Nuclear Disarmament

Pollution Standards

Protection of Natural Resources