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The following activity is called “Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark.” It is a quick 15 minute interactive journey. Students will read and make decisions that Lewis and Clark faced.

For many of the slides, there are icons that provide additional information. The icons are “Do you know?” and “Journal.” The are no questions on the following worksheet related to the icons, however I will probably add some in the future.

The following information was shared in a google.doc. A teacher could very easily create a worksheet for the students to answer as they complete the activities.

Today you are going to complete an interactive journey called “Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark.” There are questions that you will need to answer along the way. Follow the directions they should be pretty clear. If you have any questions, raise your hand and I will try to assist you.

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS HERE and post on Aspen / X2.

Click on the following link: “Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark.”

When starting the activity, enter your first name or school appropriate nickname. When you finish the adventure, call the teacher to your computer screen.

You are responsible for the information in the adventure!
The answers are included. Delete before sharing with the students!

You’re on the Adventure of a Century

1. Which 1804 president supported the exploration of the unknown land of Northwest territory? Thomas Jefferson

2. List the full names of the lead explorers. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

3. Read the introduction. List the 4 goals of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The goals:

  • map the rivers
  • make friends with natives
  • open the West to trade
  • look for a Northwest Passage

Gearing up for Adventure

4. What is the name of the camp on Frontier’s edge?

Camp Wood, near St. Louis.

5. How will you get most of your food?

You’ll have to trade for most of what you eat or hunt animals along the way.

6. What year is it?


7. What will you need paper for?

You’ll need paper for maps and your journals of discovery!

Indian Dilemma

8. Explain your interaction with the Native American Tribe (include their name).

The Teton Sioux halt your progress! Warriors seize one boat, a pirogue, and demand a canoe-load of goods. Arrows are slung, bows drawn, guns aimed.

9. How is the Indian Dilemma resolved?

Fortunately, Black Buffalo, a Teton Sioux chief, saves the day. Before you can surrender the boat to the warriors, he restrains them and frees the boat so the expedition can journey on.

Baby On Board

10. Who is the teenage bride?


11. What benefit is gained 4 months later from allowing a “baby on board?”

Months later, you will encounter her long-lost brother Cameahwait, now a Shoshone chief. He will provide horses that make it possible to cross the mountains with your supplies.

Which way to go?

12. What is the benefit of going South?

As it happens, however, there are horses that your party will need to the south and none to the north, so it’s just as well!

Brave the Icy Mountains

13. What is the means of travel over the mountains?

You must leave boats behind and take what you can on horseback.

14. Describe the challenges and setbacks you face trying to “brave the icy mountains.”

The party is promptly lost in a September blizzard! Old Toby, your Shoshone guide, misses the faint trail and leads you astray. Horses tumble down ravines. You nearly starve! After two terrible weeks you emerge from the mountains, barely alive.

15. Describe your interaction with the Native Americans. Include the tribe names.

The friendly Nez Percé Indians feed you fish and roots and help you on your way.

Click on – See where you have been!