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The Regents Prep website is a great resource for US History teachers. The questions can be used for reviews, exams & quizzes, or as a test taking skills activity. A teacher may need to make a few adjustments when using the questions with his or her class.
If there is a link below, I have already formatted the questions, so all a teacher has to do is cut and paste to use for a class.
US History teachers can choose from the following topics:
1a         Geography
2a         Colonial Era
2b         Formation of Government
2c         Landmark Supreme Court Cases
2d         Federalist Era
2e         Age of Jackson
2f          Manifest Destiny
2g         Civil War
3a         Reconstruction & Southern Redemption
3b         Closing the West
3c         Gilded Age
3d         Granger & Populist Movements
3e         Immigration
4a         American Imperialism
4b         Progressive Movement
5a         World War One
5b         Red Scare
5c         The Roaring 20’s
5d         Great Depression & New Deal
6a         World War Two
6b         Cold War at Home & McCarthyism
7a         Cold War Foreign Policy
7b         Civil Rights Movement
7d         1960’s & The Great Society
7e         Nixon and Watergate
7f          Ford & Carter Presidencies
7g         Reagan & New Federalism
7h         1990’s & The New World Order
7i         Current Issues
8a         Cross Topical