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FREE U.S. History Lessons / Electoral College Highest to Lowest / President’s Day Jokes

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It is an honor to an American. Our democratic process is an important part of who we are. The ideals of our founding fathers remain with us today.
Current events are great way to incorporate into class discussions and the curriculum. ICivics and Win the White House are great resources too!
Electoral College: Highest to Lowest
The Presidential Election and Social Media: Follow the candidates on twitter and evaluate the tweets, the videos shared, and hashtags.
Iowa Caucus: February 1st, 2016. CNN Results: “One thing is clear after Monday night’s Iowa caucuses: there’s a long, volatile election season ahead before two deeply fractured parties can unite behind a nominee.”

Candidates who dropped out: Michael Huckabee: “Huckabee joked with supporters that he was ending the campaign because of illness: “Voters are sick of me,” he quipped.” taken from USA Today
New Hampshire Primary: February 9th, 2016