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Here is a list of some great U.S. History Computer activities that can be used when studying the American Revolution!

  1. Mission US: A Revolutionary Way to Learn History – EXCELLENT: Interactive Lesson on the American Revolution created by Mission US(@missionUS). Students role-play and make decisions that impact the final outcome. This is great for middle school and high school freshman since the main character is a 14-year old boy. Mission U.S. has great activities for several time periods in U.S. History. Lesson Time (2-3 class periods)
  2. National Parks Service: A Patriot Spy (EXCELLENT) This is an an activity that takes the student through the streets of Boston on the evening of April 18, 1775. There is great use of primary sources and it is very engaging for the students. Lesson Time (35 – 50 minutes) (Additional WebRanger Activities)
  3. Road to Revolution: This is an excellent interactive created by PBS. Questions have been created to guide the students through the activity.
  4. Patrick Henry Speech: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
  5. US Constitution Quiz: Excellent: This 10 question quiz on the constitution was created by (@Const_Facts). The blog includes the answers.
  6. Articles of Confederation Quiz – Great: This is a 20-question quiz was created by (@Const_Facts). Quiz could be used at the start of a unit on the Articles of Confederation to gauge previous knowledge and understanding or as an end of the unit review before test or quiz.
  7. Branches of U.S. Government: Rags to Riches Interactive: Who wants to be a Millionaire style interactive. Great for homework or class review.