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It is an honor to an American. Our democratic process is an important part of who we are. The ideals of our founding fathers remain with us today.
Current events are great way to incorporate into class discussions and the curriculum. ICivics and Win the White House are great resources too!


The following is a simple current events activity. If your class has access to technology, have the students research the Iowa Caucus results.

1. Iowa Caucus article: paste link:

Summary of article


2. Explain your political beliefs? What role should the government play in our lives? What is your party affiliation?


3. What candidate do you support and why?


My Candidate:

Link to candidate’s website


4. SPEND 10 – 15 minutes viewing the site. List the important information you have learned about the candidate.

5. Donald Trump is one of the most talked about candidates? How did he do and what impact do you think the Iowa results will have on his campaign?


6. What candidates suspended or ended campaigns? List the funny quote by Michael Huckabee