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FREE U.S. History Lessons & Ideas

U.S. History Jokes for Teachers

MORE U.S. History Digital Learning


    FREE U.S. History Lessons & Ideas

    U.S. History Jokes for Teachers

    Database of US History Multiple Choice Questions: This is great resource for selecting questions for quizzes and test. Very useful!

    Great Websites for Interactive Learning

    French & Indian War

    1. 1753: Adventures of a Young George Washington

    Revolutionary Period (Top Revolutionary War Jokes)

    1. March 5, 1770 Crown or Colony: This is a great Mission US interactive during the days leading up to the Boston Massacre. Students assume the role of Nat Wheeler a printer’s apprentice in Boston. Students make interact with the colonists and make decisions that will affect the outcome of the activity.
    2. Liberty: Road to the Revolution: This PBS interactive is a great way to learn about the American Revolution. The activity includes great sources and a wealth of information. The activity is an interactive. Each student should be actively engaged in the readings!
    3. April 18, 1775: National Parks Service: A Patriot Spy (EXCELLENT) This is an an activity that takes the student through the streets of Boston on the evening of April 18, 1775. There is great use of primary sources and it is very engaging for the students. Lesson Time (35 – 50 minutes) (Additional WebRanger Activities)
    4. Win a Million! Rags to Riches -13 Colonies Trivia: Who wants to be a Millionaire style interactive. Great for homework or class review.
    5. Declaration of Independence Quiz:This is a 20-question quiz that could be used at the start of a unit on the Revolutionary War to gauge previous knowledge and understanding or as an end of the unit review before test or quiz. It is an on-line quiz that provides immediate feedback. The answers are included below so if you want to test your knowledge first, please click Declaration of Independence Quiz!
    6. American Revolution: Interactive Timeline
    7. Articles of Confederation Quiz:This is a 20-question quiz was created by Quiz could be used at the start of a unit on the Articles of Confederation to gauge previous knowledge and understanding or as an end of the unit review before test or quiz.

    Westward Expansion (3)

    1. 1804 – 1806: Lewis & Clark PBS Interactive: Into the Unknown A great way to learn about the expedition of Lewis & Clark.
    2. National Geographic: Lewis & Clark Journey Log: Student worksheet (answers). This is a fabulous activity for students to learn by reading the actual journals of Lewis and Clark. National Geographic has great educational programs!
    3. 1848: History PBS Interactive: The Gold Rush: Strike it Rich! – Very Good: Interactive Lesson on the Gold Rush created by PBS Teachers (@PBSTeachers@PBSLrnMedia). Students assume the role of an individual. The students choose from several options of people from various backgrounds. The choices students make will affect the outcome, determining whether they “Strike It Rich!”

    War of 1812

    1. A Sailor’s Life For Me: USS Constitution Interactive. Excellent. The activity is excellent. The website saves progress too!

    Civil War (Civil War Jokes)

    Flight to Freedom

    1. National Museum of American History: A History Mystery Excellent. Great Civil War Interactive created by the National Museum of American History (@amhistorymuseum). It has great artifacts and information. This activity could be completed in class or assigned for homework. This is quick interactive that uses artifacts to identify 6 different people who served for both the Union and Confederate armies. It should take the students 10 – 15 minutes to complete.
    2. Smithsonian Civil War Lesson: Americans at War – Excellent. This is a great interactive website that has some incredible information. It is from the Smithsonian Museumthe National Museum of American History (@amhistorymuseum). The blog includes questions and answers for several sections of the exhibit.
    3. National Parks Service: Civil War Soldier Interactive
    4. 1848: Flight to Freedom
    5. 1809 – 1865: National Parks Service: Help Lincoln Get to the White House – Very Good. The NPS does a great job presenting the important events of the timeline interactive. It takes the student on an interactive journey of Abraham Lincoln’s life from birth to his death.

    1850: A Whaling Adventure: New Bedford Whaling Ship Interactive

    1. 1848: Flight to Freedom
    2. 1866: A Cheyenne Odyssey
    3. 1907: City of U.S.
    4. 1929: Up From the Dust


    1. ICivics: Immigration Nation
    2. INS Citizenship Quiz

    Geography (Geography Jokes & World Geography Jokes)

    1. World Geography Quiz – This is a great activity to test knowledge of World Geography. Scores are based on accuracy (how close to the location) and speed (how quickly the location is selected). There are 12 different levels. Each level has a higher difficulty of questions. The majority of students finished below level 6. There are 3 categories (World Cities, Famous Places, World Capitals) with 4 different levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert).
    2. Place the state on the map – This is a great activity for visual learners. The students are shown the shape of one state at the top of the page and are asked to place the state in the correct location on a map of the United States. The difficulty level decreases with each state that is placed. The activity works like a 50-piece puzzle. With each additional piece, the puzzle become a little easier until there is only one spot left.
    3. The USA Quiz – This is another great activity that tests a student’s ability to identify a state. There is a map on the left side of the page and on the right side is the question “Where is……..(name of a state)?” A student has 3 chances to select the correct location. A correct choice on the first answer is worth 3 points, the second answer is worth 2 points, and the third answer is worth 1 point. After 3 choices, the student must move on to the next questions. Maximum score 150 points.
    4. The World Quiz – This might be a great activity to finish to build self-esteem. It is a 12 question quiz that asks you to identify the continents and the oceans. Like the previous quiz, students are given three opportunities for a correct answer. With the same point totals for correct answers.
    5. Geography Quiz: US Geography 22 Questions & Answers

    World War II

    1. D-Day Interactive: Stay tuned. We hope to analyze this activity soon and write a teacher guide for it’s use in the classroom. (Top D-Day Websites)