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Twitter General Information

  1. 5 Important Questions for Twittter Users
  2. 4 Useful Tools for Twitter
  3. 10 Twitter Tips for Teachers

Getting Started

  1. Join Twitter: 10 Easy Steps
  2. Define Your Goal
  3. Define Your Audience
  4. Use TweetGrader to Measure Influence
  5. Establish a Good Following Ratio

What to do When People Follow

  1. Celebrate your First Followers
  2. 5 Ways Compliment Your Followers

What to Tweet

  1. 4 Twitter Tips: What to Tweet
  2. Twitter Tip: Use Twuffer to Schedule Tweets
  3. Twitter 101: Google.Docs is AWESOME
  4. Write a Blog
  5. Be a Publisher with – Create Great Twitter Content

Who to Follow

  1. Who to Follow: Simple Tips
  2. Picking your #1 Account!
  3. Follow One Account Per Day
  4. Picking Your First 52 Accounts to Follow
  5. Follow ONLY 1 Account per Week
  6. Twitter Tip: Don’t Follow Anyone EXCEPT…
  7. Twitter Tip: Establish a Good Following Ratio

Improve Your Following

  1. Twitter Tip: Use JustUnfollow to Get to Zeros
  2. 3 Twitter Tips to Double Your Tweetgrade Score
  3. EXTREME Twitter Tip: Unfollow Everyone!