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Writing Advice for College Students
Simple steps for SEO Success & Twitter Tips! How to Use Twitter: 365 Tips for Small Businesses!

Social Media provides so many opportunities to make great connections. To learn more about Social Media, check out the 365 Twitter Tips for Small Businesses! We feel it is best to have 3 twitter accounts to promote My Town Tutors:
@mytowntutors: This is our original twitter account that lost a little focus over the past year. We unfollowed ALL the accounts that we were following. This was 10,000+ accounts. This account will focus entirely on sharing lessons, quotes, and great twitter accounts for teachers and parents. The mission is to let all our connections understand our core beleif: “Teachers are great tutors!?

@SEOmytowntutor: This is our SEO account. We have learned a great deal about how to make quality connections using twitter. We are not talking about just attraction “followers.” We are talking about accounts that can help share our mission. Many of our followers will write guest blogs for us that will expand our reach. We also offer services where we can help companies grow using twitter. It is a mentoring relationship at a very low cost. We also are reaching out to companies that understand the value of using advertising to reach targeted audience. This is the account that seeks to connect with business leads.
@MyTownTutorsMA: This is an account that focuses on Massachusetts Education. We list the: