My Town Tutors has been using twitter to connect with parents, teachers, and educators for the last two years. Along the way, we have made some mistakes, but also have learned some valuable lessons. Hopefully our experiences might be useful to others.
When we first started, we followed everyone. We have had a paradigm shift over the course of the past few weeks with the creation of @mytowntutorsNW.
We also went a little crazy with our New England account @mytowntutorsNE. Just the other day they unfollowed EVERY SINGLE Twitter Account: EXTREME Twitter Tip: Unfollow Everyone!
There were several reasons, but the most important is that we think it is important to be selective when following accounts (remember you do not have to follow all the accounts who follow you). So we are going to follow 52 accounts over the course of the year with @mytowntutorsNW and we will probably follow one account a day @mytowntutorsNE.
@MyTownTutorsMA, our most popular state account will post a blog about their first 52. We hope other state accounts can follow this model along with our Twitter Tips.
There are some great options out there for a 1st follow, including many accounts that we list in the following blogs. You can’t go wrong with any of the accounts.
Elite Education Blogs
Top Guest Blog Authors for 2012-2013 School Year
Perfect Twitter Accounts in Education
When selecting our 1st accounts, we used a great song by Bruce Springsteen as our guide: “We Take Care of our Own!”
Who are your 1st 52? We will tell you ours over the next few weeks.
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