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We are not sure exactly how Hub Spot compiles the ranking, so we can only share our thoughts on little things that we feel will make us a great account.
@mytowntutorsNW will raise their twitter score to 100 / 100, like Tom Whitby and ALL of our connected educators. It will not happen overnight, but………….we will be perfect!
Here is our story:
Creating an Account: On June 4, 2013 we intentionally created @mytowntutorsNW with no followers, no followings, no tweets, no images, and no profile. We did it all wrong.
We did this in hopes of being the worst account on twitter. We were rewarded for our apathy and incompetence with a starting score from tweetgrade of 5/100. (You might get a score of 5 for simply signing up.) This score is pathetic and we were very happy because we wanted to be the most improved twitter account in the history of twitter.
We may not have been the worst, but we were BAAAAAAAAAD! We were as BAD as U2 was AWESOME at Wembley Stadium in London at the Live Aid concert on July 13, 1985. (We do love U2: The Best Band of All-Time! If you have 12:00 you can see one of the most amazing performances of a rock band history!)

In just 2 days we were able to raise the tweetgrade score from 5 / 10 to 10/10. Not bad for just 2 days. How did we do this?
1. We added a description to our biography. It is intended to draw attention to our goal of being bad, so we can show others how to turn around a chleenged account
Here is our original profile, the unofficial Worst Twitter Account in the World:
@mytowntutorsNW – The unofficial worst twitter account in the world. We do not tweet, we do not follow, we have no image. We are useless….. for NOW! Stay tuned! Who Cares? Tweet grade 10/100 Rank: 12.3 M / 13.7M
2. We added quality followers. Dean College is a great college in Massachusetts, who we will be working with closely with over the next few months. Say hello @DeanCollege and tell them we sent you. They know social media and we are so excited to have connected with them. You will be too.
3. We wrote a Blog: Blogs are a great way to draw attention to your account and your brand. We use blogs to help connect with great accounts in the hopes that some may possibly write and amazing guest blog for us!
That’s all we did to double our score!