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Writing Advice for College Students
JonLJenMarc provides some amazing classes and professional development for teachers. So the main goal using twitter is to connect with teachers and to provide great resources for educators.
As a rookie twitter account, it is useful and important to take the advice of veteran and well-respected twitter users. One of the best accounts for teachers and educators is Vicki Davis ‏@coolcatteacher.

When she offered advice to @JonLJenMarc, an account that began a twitter journey on November 7, 2013 with ZERO followers. (Before that day, they knew nothing about twitter or how it could help make connections with teachers in Massachusetts, America, and around the world.)
They took it. Here is what she recommended:
Vicki Davis ‏@coolcatteacher 7 Nov@JonLJenMarc Thanks, Fran! Best wishes and good luck. Tip: Change your pic from new egg so peeps will follow u & follow 50 people”
Great advice. On the 1st day, that is exactly what @JonlJenMarc did.
Vicki Davis ‏@coolcatteacher 7 Nov@JonLJenMarc Look at some of my lists – that might help you start.”
Vicki’s lists are awesome! Here is a sample:

@JonLJenMarc followed many on the list and was able to attract over 100 followers during the 1st week!
To learn exactly how @JonLJenMarc gained so much success on twitter in such a brief period, please read the case study on how to use twitter.
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