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Turtles Pro Shop came to be for the lack of apparel or “swag” for Goalies. With what we found, there was a  lack of apparel specifically targeted for the hockey goalie. We starting by creating our own designs for our own goalie. We then decided to offer them to all goalies. During the evolution of this adventure, we have met and made some amazing friendships and supporters along the way. Surprisingly enough some of the friendships we have made in other circles we would be considered competitors. Although in a hockey world, which is a small and caring world we have received a helping hand and have received continued  guidance and support to improve our products. Our products are not produced by a third party “print on demand drop shipping” company. Everything is produced here by us and shipped to you personally by us supporting goalies all over the world. The world is big but the goalie world is small the only thing that matters is the position they play.  Each product that we ship to our customers is produced for each individual customer in mind.

Turtles is a small family run business which produces each garment one at a time. People have asked us why we do what we do? Well…simple…we do it for the smiles 🙂

We currently offer t-shirts, (coming soon) hoodies & hats. Face coverings to be released within the week.

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In closing keep watching….you never know what we are going to come up with next.”