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Complete List of U.S. Colleges!
Top U.S. Colleges (based on number of twitter followers)

  1. Harvard University@Harvard (604K followers)
  2. Stanford University@Stanford (403K followers)
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology@MIT (280K followers)
  4. Yale University@Yale (268K followers)
  5. University of Phoenix@UOPX (211K followers)
  6. Arizona State University@ASU (158K followers)
  7. University of California – Los Angeles@UCLA (96.2K followers)
  8. The University of Alabama@UofAlabama (86.5K followers)
  9. University of Southern California@USC (85.8K followers)
  10. Auburn University@AuburnU (82K followers)
  11. Boston University (Find a Boston, MA Tutor): @BU_Tweets (71.1K followers)
  12. University of Connecticut Storrs@UConn (58.4K followers)
  13. Boston College (Find a Boston, MA Tutor): @BostonCollege (57.3K followers)
  14. Dartmouth College@dartmouth (37.1K followers)
  15. University of Arkansas@UArkansas (36K followers)
  16. University of Massachusetts at Amherst@UMassAmherst (34K followers)
  17. Arkansas State University State University@ArkansasState (29K followers)
  18. Northern Arizona University@NAU (24K followers)
  19. University of Vermont@uvmvermont (19.2K followers)
  20. Quinnipiac University@QuinnipiacU (18.4K followers)
  21. University of New Hampshire@UofNH(18K followers)
  22. Wesleyan University@wesleyan_u (15.4K followers)
  23. Harding University@HardingU (11.8K followers)
  24. Southern New Hampshire University@SNHU (10.9K followers)
  25. Connecticut College@ConnCollege (10.7K followers)
  26. Middlebury College / @Middlebury (10.4K followers)
  27. Central Connecticut State University@CCSU (10.3K followers)
  28. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University@EmbryRiddle (10K followers)
  29. St. Anselm College@SaintAnselm (10.1K followers)
  30. SIT Graduate Institute@WorldLearning (5.6K followers)
  31. University of Alaska Anchorage@uaanchorage (5.1K followers)
  32. University of Alaska Fairbanks@uafairbanks (4.7K followers)
  33. Plymouth State University@PlymouthState (4.5K followers)
  34. Champlain College@ChamplainEdu (4K followers)
  35. Saint Michael’s College@saintmichaels (3.8K followers)
  36. Southern Arkansas University@muleriders (3.4K followers)

Law School: Vermont Law School@VTLawSchool (5.4K followers)