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Top Joke Pages: 

Google Search “Top Twitter Accounts for Badminton”

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  1. BWF @bwfmedia (174.2K followers) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  2. PBL India @PBLIndiaLive (50.1K followers)
  3. Badminton Updates @badmintonupdate (43.8K followers)
  4. Yonex All England Badminton Championships Trophy @YonexAllEngland (42.9K followers)
  5. BAI Media @BAI_Media (40.9K followers)
  6. Badminton England @BadmintonEnglnd (40.1K followers)
  7. Badminton Europe @EuropeBEC (24.9K followers)
  8. USA Badminton @USABadminton (18.2K followers) Anaheim, CA
  9. Badminton India @BadmintonIndia (15.2K followers)
  10. Pranaav Jerry Chopra @pranaav6 (10.9K followers)
  11. Badminton School @BadmintonSchool (2.9K followers)