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GATE is among the top examination for engineers in India looking to secure a seat in one of the top engineering institutes such as IITs, NITs, IISc, and others. The exam is conducted by all of the IITs and the Indian Institute for Science, Bangalore together. These institutes are responsible for the administrative part of the examination and not the paper setting part. Till a few years back, it was only useful if you wanted to earn a Master’s degree after completing under graduation course in engineering. However, today, it is also used as a platform for recruitment. If you are still confused if you should prepare for GATE examination, here are some of the top reasons why you should do it. Also giving GATE online test series will push your determination and allow you to excel in the examination.

Improve Your Engineering Skills

Preparing for your GATE exams allow you to improve your skills. Often the undergraduate years pass away quickly, and you won’t even realize what you have learned during those years. Most of the time, you would have just learned things that you needed to pass the exam. When you prepare for GATE, you get to utilize your skills in innovative ways, use them in practical ways. This new found skill will help you in your job if not in securing a Masters seat in a reputed institute. 

Opt for Higher Studies

One of the main reasons why people opt for GATE examination is to get an MTech degree. The only way to get entry to a good engineering institute for higher studies is through passing the exam. Thus, if you want to go for higher studies after your graduation, you need to apply for GATE and score really well to get into a good institute in India or abroad. After you have done your Master’s, you can choose to specialize in your field of interest and go on to get a Ph.D. degree that will open a whole lot of career opportunities for you.

Beat the Competitors

When you are preparing for GATE exam, you are continuously practicing and learning the tricks to get a high score. It means you are improving your mental abilities that will go a long way in your career. Even if you had never been a topper in class, with a high GATE score, you can show your potential to the people around you. When you have a high GATE score, it reflects on your CV as well when you look for a job. Even if you do not have any work experience, you will always get a priority. 

Increase Chances of UPSs Recruitment

To be able to get into any of the UPSs, you need to have a high GATE score. Even if you do not want to opt for higher studies, you need to pass the GATE exam. Most of the PSUs will require your GATE score as a minimum qualification to be considered. In the future, the chances are that most of the PSUs and even private companies will make it mandatory for candidates to provide their GATE score to be considered for an interview. 

Writing GATE exam is much different from engineering exams, so you need to prepare for it dedicatedly. You need to stay focused. Be on the lookout for the date of the GATE exam so that you have enough time to prepare for it. You need to have a good study plan so that you are able to cover the syllabus as soon as possible. The earlier you start your preparation, better will your chances to pass with flying colors. It is also a good idea to sit for mock tests to see where you stand and what you need to do to improve your scores. If you have set high goals for yourself, make sure that you work hard for it, and you will never look back.