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An interior decorating career is ideal for individuals who enjoy decorating and furnishing rooms. Most decorators choose the work they do because of their passion for decorating. Interior decorators enjoy working with different colors, textures and fabrics.

Traits and Attributes

The first step towards any fulfilling career is to be passionate about it and enjoy what you do. Enthusiasm and natural talent will go a long way towards a successful career in the industry.

  • One of the qualities you need to have is a keen eye when dealing with color. This refers to the ability to determine the undertones that form various colors and the effects they have.

  • Interior decorators play multiple roles that include being consultants and negotiators. You always have to be alert and ready to work on projects with different clients. Being able to handle different tasks at one time without compromising on the quality of your work is critical.

  • Clients want interior decorators who have good taste and are aware of various aspects of interior décor.

  • Challenges are inevitable in any career and decorating is no exception. The way you handle challenges and your attitude will have a significant impact on your ability to get good references for future work.

  • Maintain a professional attitude during your interactions with clients and other people you work with. Your level of professionalism is gauged through aspects such as arriving on time, following up and being well prepared during presentations.

  • Dressing appropriately serves as a reflection of your approach towards the projects you undertake.

  • An interior decorator should always be excited about every decorating project that they are hired for. You should care about your work and be committed to providing the best quality possible.

  • Interior decorators should actively listen to their clients and consider their preferences. Click here to see outdoor rattan furniture.

  • Your clients will have ideas of what they want their spaces to look like and you have the responsibility of turning them into reality. Asking questions, expressing genuine interest in their ideas and clarifying your clients’ needs will ensure that you meet their expectations.

  • Proper organization is one of the fundamentals of interior decorating. It involves being able to work effectively with numerous clients, planning your projects and setting your budget. During projects, you will be required to arrange items and create organized habitable spaces.

  • Adhering to deadlines that your clients set is essential. You also need to be able to set deadlines that will enable you to complete multiple projects. Efficient time management helps ensure that you always fulfill your clients’ requirements and maintain a professional image.

The professional relationships you establish with different entities are important for the survival of your business. Being detail oriented facilitates the creative use of different colors and textiles that have the potential to bring out the best features of a room. Diversity will prevent you from using the same design concepts over and over again. Many clients want to have their own unique décor and you need to be able to implement different techniques and styles.