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Class 12 is a huge milestone for every student. Though it sounds intimidating, if studied adequately, students can easily score well in class 12 Biology. 

Preparation Tips

Here are a few preparation tips that will help you score good marks in your class 12 Biology.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that the class 12th Biology is divided into five units. They are as follows – Reproduction, Genetics and Evolution, Biology and Human Welfare, Biotechnology and its applications, Ecology, and Environment. These five parts each carry a certain percentage of weightage in your examination. The distribution of marks of all the chapters and units will be provided to you at the beginning of your textbook. The marks distribution will give you an insight into the weightage of each chapter in your 12th board examinations. Also, the marks distribution will give you an idea of the importance of each chapter in your examination. This will help you make a lesson plan and assist you with your exam preparation in a better way. 
  • Create a lesson plan, after referring to the distribution of marks and weightage of each chapter. If you create a lesson plan, it will become easier for you to cover your whole syllabus in a proper, systematic way. This way, you will not get overwhelmed by the syllabus. You can find a systematic way to learn and revise every chapter.
  • The first unit in class 12 Biology is Reproduction. This unit has a weightage of 14 marks. This unit consists of chapters related to reproduction. The first chapter explains what reproduction is and what the different types of reproduction are. The second chapter deals with sexual reproduction in flowering plants. It is very important to know the parts of a flower and practice the diagram of a flower very well. Other than that, there are other diagrams in this chapter that you need to practice with the labels. The third chapter deals with human reproduction. It is very important to learn the structure and functions of the female and male reproductive systems. The process of reproduction is also very important. The fourth and last chapter in this unit is reproductive health where the focus is on the health after reproduction and contraceptives. So, at this point, you get an idea of how every unit and every chapter is planned out. 
  • You should give equal attention to every chapter of every unit. Read the text thoroughly and if you get stuck anywhere, do not hesitate to ask your teacher. Your teacher will always explain everything to you very clearly.
  • Practise is the key to scoring good marks in any examination, not just Biology. Let us discuss how we can practise Biology after reading a chapter thoroughly. You should practice chapter-wise in the beginning. Read a chapter thoroughly first, get your doubts cleared and memorize the important parts. Once done, go to your textbook exercises. Your NCERT textbook will have a lot of questions, of different types. Start solving these questions from the beginning. Try to solve all the questions on your own without looking at the answers. If you make a mistake, reread that part once you are done solving the exercise.
  • You can refer to the Vedantu class 12 Biology NCERT solutions to check the answers to all the questions from your NCERT Biology class 12 textbook. You will also get the chapter-wise solutions of all the questions in your NCERT Biology textbook of class 12. By referring to this, you will get an idea about how to structure your answers in your exams.
  • If you follow the steps mentioned in the previous points, you will be thorough with your chapters. Once you are thorough with the chapters, try solving a few mock question papers of Biology. Along with mock question papers, it is very important to solve the previous year question papers of your subject. This will help you revise every important topic in class 12 Biology. Along with that, when you solve a question paper, it will make you feel confident.


Biology is a scoring subject and also has huge prospects in your post-class 12 studies. If you study properly, no one will be able to stop you from scoring the highest marks in this subject. Good Luck!