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Our most popular posts have been our list of “perfect” educators to follow. It was easy for us because the only requirement was that the account receive a perfect score of 100 / 100 from tweet grader. We would plug in the account and if it scored 100 / 100, we listed the account with the twitter name and the twitter profile.
Unfortunately, Hubspot no longer offers this twitter analysis. The tweet grader page does not exist. So we ended our list with “160 Perfect” educators.
When we started our list @mytowntutors did not score 100%, however we are proud of connections we using social media and over time we did achieve the perfect score. It is an honor to be included in this impressive list of educational resources.
@mytowntutors “Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. Boston, Massachusetts and USA ·
Below are a list of educators that we feel connected educators around the world should follow. Current list of top teachers using social media by state!

  1. @ProfSusanG (1,825 followers) I am an educator, experienced mentor, proponent of personal and professional growth, and a firm believer in lifelong learning! Loudon, New Hampshire
  2. @angiecmiller74 (840 followers) 7-12 School Librarian. Writer. Public speaker. 2011 NH Teacher of the Year. TED speaker. Owner of goats. Mother. Wife. Not necessarily in that order. New Hampshire.
  3. @KathyPearceNH (131 followers) Kathy Pearce is a teacher librarian in the NH Seacoast region. She knows a lot less than she doesn’t know, but that’s okay. Portsmouth, NH.