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Google Search “Top Halloween Twitter Accounts”

If you are twitter account related to Halloween follow @schooljokesk_12 and we will place you on our list!

Rank is determined by

  1. Freddy Kruege@ElmStreetWired (50K followers) 1428 Elm Street
  2. The Halloween Haunt podcast @HalloweenHaunt (9.1K followers)
  3. @mytowntutors (7K followers) TOP HALLOWEEN JOKES!
  4. @schooljokesk_12 (2.2K Followers)
  5. Alice Cooper @alicecooper (850.1K followers) Detroit, MI
  6. Jamie Lee Curtis @jamieleecurtis (612K followers)
  7. HalloweenMovies™ @Halloweenmovies (503K followers)
  8. John Carpenter @TheHorrorMaster (340K followers)
  9. Elvira @TheRealElvira (294.6K followers) Hollywood CA
  10. Friday The 13th Game @Friday13thGame (238.7K followers) Crystal Lake
  11. Robert B. Englund @RobertBEnglund (192.8K followers) Laguna Beach, CA, USA
  12. Spirit Halloween @SpiritHalloween (95.6K followers)
  13. #HalloweenKills @halloweenmovie (91.6K followers)
  14. 31 Nights @31NightsWatch (74K followers)
  15. Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees (63.4K followers) Crystal Lake, USA
  16. Friday The 13th: The Franchise @F13thFranchise (43.6K followers) Crystal Lake
  17. Derek Mears @DerekMears (30.6K followers) Los Angeles
  18. Ghoulia Childs @GhouliaChilds (26.2K followers) Los Angeles
  19. WesKeltner @weskeltner (22.8K followers) Kentucky
  20. Halloween Countdown @HalloweenCount (20.4K followers)
  21. Jude Courtney @jamesjcourtney (10.4K followers)
  22. SpookyWorld @SpookyWorld (3.4K followers)
  23. NightmaresFear @NightmaresFear
  24. Salem Witch Museum @salemwitchmuse (2.4K followers) Salem, MA
  25. Eva Halloween @evahalloween
  26. Halloween Queen @Halloween4All (1.4K followers)
  27. #Halloween2021 – BWG @WishesGreetings (333 followers)