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If you are about to graduate then you are probably overwhelmed as you will have to face lots of unknown. So soon you will say goodbye to your medical school, all your groupmates, professors, and all your projects and assignments. You will be able to make your first career steps in the real world and implement all knowledge in practice. Down below you are going to find out what are the best jobs in healthcare that you should certainly pursue after graduation. 

  1. Medical Assistant

This is one of the most demanding and popular jobs for recent grads. As your main responsibility, you will have to communicate with patients, prepare them for doctor’s attendance. Assistants usually make and maintain patients’ records, measure their vital signs as well as height, weight, take blood specimens for tests, as well as administer medications. You will have to take care of insurance records and billing too.

2. Home Care Aid Specialist

This is a great option as there are plenty of job openings available and you will be more flexible with your schedule then in any other case. Generally, you will have to work with elderly people that suffer from some chronic diseases, or disabled individuals who require some additional support from a healthcare worker. You will help them take care of their hygiene routine and make sure they take all the medication prescribed on time. 

3. Medical Administrator

This is an administrative job in the healthcare field. Your main job will be to ensure that everything runs smoothly in a hospital as well as to coordinate the duties of doctors and nurses. You will have to answer calls, create a schedule, order supplies, ensure smooth communication between workers and so much more. This is the best choice to make your first career moves. 

4. Dental Hygienist

Here is another great and high-paid healthcare job that you need to learn more about. Your main responsibility will be to take care of the patient’s dental hygiene, remove plaque, give some basic treatment, take X-ray, give anesthesia as well as assist a dentist you will work with. This is a great job to get some great skills you will be able to apply in the future. 

6. Occupational Therapist

As a specialist, you will have to work with patients and help them recover from an injury or surgery. You will help people learn to cope with their daily living routine, get their skills all over again in case they are incapable to do this by themselves. If you are not skilled enough then you can start with an assistant position. 

7. Physical Therapist Assistant

This is an amazing entry-level job opening that will help you hone your skills and deepen your knowledge. You will work in collaboration with a physical therapist and your job will be to assist them with all job-related tasks. You both will work with patients that recover from medical conditions that interfere with their everyday life. You might teach them to wear prostheses, crutches, and so on. 

8. Licensed Practical Nurse

You won’t be able to use a nursing paper writing service that helped you cope with tasks and assignments anymore. Now you have to rely only on your skills and knowledge. This role also enables you to work in any healthcare facility and you will be responsible for providing basic nursing care to patients indicated by a doctor. This is a great entry-level job to get some priceless experience and apply it in the future. 

9. Registered Nurse

As an RN, you will have to work with patients and their families while providing them with all the information about the treatment process as well as give them emotional support. You will be able to work in any healthcare facility as the demand for this particular role is very high. Keep in mind that this vacancy is also highly paid. 

10. Medical Lab Technician

You will work in a lab to perform all the variety of tests a doctor might need to diagnose a patient. You will analyze urine, blood, tissues, and other fluids and discuss your findings with a doctor. You will have to operate the equipment so at least some basic knowledge of how machines work is paramount to get a job. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of career options that you can pursue after graduation. These are only a few variants available on the market, however, there are some more and you can easily check it through the Internet. The main thing to remember that the healthcare field is always pretty competitive and to stand out among candidates you have to work hard while still in college. Good luck with all your endeavors!