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Google Search Top California Twitter Accounts

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  1. Edutopia @edutopia (1.2M followers) San Rafael, California, USA
  2. Megan Calhoun @socialmoms (523.5K followers) San Francisco, CA
  3. Dave Burgess @burgessdave (174.4K followers) San Diego, CA
  4. Dr.Stephanie Mihalas (she/her) @askdrstephanie (5.4K followers) Los Angeles, CA
  5. Genein Letford, M.Ed @GeneinLetford (1.8K followers) CA Guest Blog: Teachers: Teachers Top 10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing
  6. Snoop Dogg @SnoopDogg (19.2M follower) LBC
  7. Los Angeles Lakers @Lakers (10.8M followers) Los Angeles, CA
  8. Earvin Magic Johnson @MagicJohnson (5.1 M followers) Los Angeles
  9. Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom (1.9M followers) California
  10. SFGiants @SFGiants (1.7M followers) Oracle Park, San Francisco CA
  11. Ted Lieu @tedlieu (1.6M followers) California
  12. San Jose Earthquakes @SJEarthquakes (278.2K followers) San Jose, CA
  13. Elvira @TheRealElvira (276.5K followers) Hollywood CA. 
  14. Big City Moms @bigcitymoms(268.2K followers) NYC, SF, LA, Miami, DC, Dallas
  15. @LAScanner @LAScanner (205.5K followers) City of Angels
  16. UCLA @UCLA (211.8K followers)Los Angeles, CA
  17. San Diego Zoo @sandiegozoo (147.7K followers) San Diego, CA
  18. The Beach Boys @TheBeachBoys (83.6K followers) Hawthorne, CA
  19. CA Earthquakes @QuakesInCA (82.4K followers) California
  20. One World One Ocean @1World1Oceon (79.4K followers) Laguna Beach, CA
  21. Grilled Cheese Truck @grlldcheesetruk (74.3K followers) Los Angeles, CA
  22. USA Beach Volleyball@USAVBeach (57.4K followers) SoCal
  23. Southern CA Quakes @quakesLA (46.8K followers) Los Angeles
  24. stu mundel @Stu_Mundel (41.2K followers) Palmdale, CA
  25. SF Earthquakes @QuakesSF (36K followers) San Francisco Bay
  26. Derek Mears @DerekMears (30.5K followers) Los Angeles
  27. Alcatraz Island @AlcatrazIsland (16.5K followers)
  28. California Bicycle Coalition @CalBike (13.9K followers) California
  29. Good Eggs @GoodEggs (11.8K followers) San Francisco Bay Area
  30. OluKai @OluKai (5.7K followers) California and Hawaii
  31. The San Andreas Fault @sanandreafault (3.1K followers)California
  32. Living Mi Vida Loca @LMVLblog (1.5K followers) Southern California
  33. Elise Bauer @elisebauer (1.1K followers) Carmichael, CA
  34. BumbleBee Foundation @BumbleBeefound (1K followers)Westlake Village, CA
  35. Scoop. Pray. Love. @scooppraylove (.1K followers) San Diego, CA

updated 9/9/21