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Top Marathon Jokes!

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Social Media is part of modern day sports and sports culture. Twitter is a great way to follow the Boston Marathon which is always held on Patriots Day! Below are a few of the useful twitter accounts for the Boston Marathon!

  1. @BostonMarathon (136K) The Boston Marathon, organized by the@BAA, is the world’s oldest annual marathon, and is part of the Abbott@WMMajors
  2. @jhboston26 (36.2K followers) John Hancock celebrates 31yrs of Boston Marathon sponsorship- JH Elite Athlete Team, Running News, Non-Profit Teams- Join Us!Guidelines…
  3. @JohnHancockUSA (23.6K followers) A financial services leader helping clients and communities; follow for news, community stories and financial insights. For guidelines:
  4. @WMMajors (10.2K followers) The World Marathon Majors include Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago &NYC Marathons, w/ an annual $1M prize pro circuit, to promote elites & the sport. TOK BOS LON BER CHI NYC
  5. @JBSamuelson (9.8K followers) Running around in circles trying to figure it all out while trying to stay fit, green and healthy. It’s all about balancing your life.
  6. @Marathon_Sports (8.5K followers) Boston’s favorite running specialty store since 1975. Boston, MA.
  7. @OneFundBoston (7.1K followers) @MassGoverno and @MayorTomMeninoannounce The One Fund Boston, Inc. to help people most affected by the tragic events of April 15, 2013. #OneBoston
  8. @BillRodgersRACE (2.5K followers) 4-time winner of Boston Marathon, 4-time winner of NYC Marathon. Boston, MA – USA
  9. @utapippig (1.4K followers) Speaker, Writer Running To Freedom™ President Take The Magic Step® 3xBoston, 3xBerlin, NYC Marathon winner.
  10. @Bostonthefilm (.9 followers) The official documentary film about@BostonMarathon. Maintained by @KellisLST and others.
  11. @HoytRunninChair (.7K followers) Michael DiDonato; Southbridge Tool & Mfg; Team Hoyt Running Chairs. Giving physically challenged individuals the chance to experience the thrill of the race. Massachusetts
  12. @Dickhoyt262 (.3K followers) YES YOU CAN! Holland, MA