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  1. @Tolerance_org (22.8K followers)  Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance provides educators with free educational materials. Montgomery, AL · Blog: Mix-it Up Day 2014
  2. @AlabamaDeptofEd (10.2K followers) The Alabama Department of Education is the state agency for K-12 education. Montgomery, Alabama
  3. @ACOEducators (686 followers) We care about Education in the state of Alabama. We are a member driven association for teachers in the state of Alabama. Alabama. ACOE.US
  4. @JackieAFlowers (1.4K followers) District Mathematics Instructional Specialist Florence City Schools, EdCampMadisonAL Co-Founder, Mathematics-NCTM
  5. @April_Epiphany (750 followers) Assistant Prof in Education at Spring Hill College @SHCTeacherEd – Research focus is the New Literacies #EdTech Mobile, AL ·
  6. @JWCarpenter1979 (401 followers) ED of the Birmingham Education Foundation. Strong believer with Birmingham’s students, their families, and our educators. Birmingham, Alabama ·
  7. @al_toy2014 (206 followers) 2014 Alabama Teacher of the Year- Education Specialist ALSDE: Educator Effectiveness – Mathematics Teacher. Birmingham, Al