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When you notice an acquaintance from your college working at McDonalds or any other food joint, you might have wondered why they work when they have their studies to think about. You may understand their need to work when you come to know about their financial shortcomings and wonder how much stressful it must be for them. To you, it will look like students who work have no other choice but earn to fund their education.

However, the truth is contrary and quite surprising. Earning while studying to fund your own education is not only productive for your studies but also has a number of benefits and advantages. Additionally, in a study conducted by Ms. Laura Hamilton, professor of sociology at the University of California, students who get complete financial support were found to be performing lower than those who earned to fund their education.

Forbes has published a report based on the said study in which it was stated that the grades of those students who had financial backing were lower when compared to those who earned. Furthermore, it also cited the study and said that students whose education was funded by their parents were found to be having a tough time after their studies

  • Confidence

First of all, funding your own education will instill confidence in yourself. The fact that you are earning enough to take care of an important aspect like your education will boost your self esteem.

  • Independence

Earning and funding your own education will also give you independence in many things. Apart from managing your own expenses, you will also have a freedom in choosing courses and subjects.

  • Experience

Whether you work in a food joint as a waiter or join a call centre, regardless of its nature, the activity of working itself will make you discover and learn a lot of things. It will inhibit a sense of experience in you.

  • Less burden on parents

Your parents might be well off but the expenses involved in higher education never go down lightly on the pocket. Although your part-time job won’t offer you enough money to cover all of your college expenses, still it will surely lighten the burden of your parents.

  • Early entry into practical life

The sooner you start earning, the faster you will learn the realities of life. Earning indicates the start of a practical life and develops a sense of maturity.

  • Careful spending

When you know what and how much is coming in, you will be wise and careful in giving it out. Self-earners are always careful in managing their money in a better way.

  • More hard work in studies

With the realisation that your hard earned money is being spent for your education, you will automatically start getting more serious about your studies as you will want your money’s worth.

Funding your college education through your own earnings is an education in itself. Combined with scholarships, earning through a part time job is an effective way to disburse the burden of expenses. Balance is a much needed attribute for those who plan to work as it’s easy to get caught up in your job and forget about your studies, which should be avoided.