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Writing Advice for College Students

About the Author: Dannie Lari is an accomplished education professional with extensive experience in the field of higher learning. She has for the last 10 years contributed to shaping individuals’ choices for executive MBA programs.Visit her website to see the career doors open to you after completing your MBA.

Completing your MBA was a long and arduous journey. Where as employers may have rejected you in the past for lack of experience, they will be more inclined to consider you as a candidate for a number of positions.

An MBA gives you the edge against other job applicants and allows you to make more money than you did before.

Below are different ways you can take advantage of your MBA:

1. Apply for open positions in your company

You may have pursued a degree while still in your current employment position.Now that you have graduated, you can apply for more senior positions within your company that you weren’t qualified for before.

If you want to move to another department, have a session with your reporting manager to update your professional development plan. You can express interest to take on more, or shadow more experienced managers part time.

2. Apply for a new position in  a different company

An MBA gives you the professional know-how to succeed in many different industries. Your MBA might benefit you more in a new place of work and is likely to earn you a much higher salary.

3. Become a consultant

After many years of experience, you can go into consulting for other businesses such as SMEs or even bigger companies. Decision makers in companiesare always looking for insight and need help to restructure their business practices.

Consulting comes with its own benefits as you’ll have the complete freedom to set your own fee, and with time earn more money than you ever could make as a business owner.

4. Launch your own business

You have just finished many months of studying and now you have the knowhow on venture capital funding, writing business proposals, how to conduct feasibility studies, assessing industry risks and drawing financial projections. With these skills, you have the ability to shape the growth of a business.

You might have a business idea you are passionate about. Perhaps you even did your thesis on it or some separate research outside of your curriculum. Now may be a good time to venture out and implement the idea.

5. Continue with further education

This might be preferable if you have many years of experience and feel that your contributions could shape an industry.

6. Update your professional profile

Do not forget to update your professional profile on social platforms and other professional networks and let everyone know of your current accomplishment of an executive MBA.

A word of caution

It’s important to manage your expectations by being realistic.

There are no guarantees that your executive MBA will yield results immediately. Just like you applied yourself to getting your MBA, you need to be more aggressive about your job search. Apply for open positions, polish up on your interview skills and wait patiently.

The goal of your MBA was to give you more career options. Employers will now take you more seriously. You can also demand for a higher wage and more benefits because you are more skilled in your field.