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More Earthquake Jokes…

  1. For the first person who witnessed an earthquake, it must have been a groundbreaking experience.
  2. An earthquake’s favorite song is Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys.
  3. What is an earthquake’s favorite breakfast?… Quaker Oats.
  4. How is an earthquake like a middle school student?… The both get grounded. (Middle School Jokes)
  5. Geologists aren’t perfect, they have their faults. (Earthquake Jokes)
  6. The French cheese factory was affected by an earthquake… Only de brie was left.
  7. Why did all the animals take shelter at the horse’s house during an earthquake?… Because it was stable.
  8. What did San Andreas say when the earthquake hit California?… My fault.
  9. The 1st group of early Americans who were really fond of earthquakes were the Quakers.
  10. What did the ground say to the earthquake?… You crack me up! (Geography Jokes & Earthquake Jokes)
  11. Which poet liked earthquakes?… Shakespeare.
  12. Fortunately the California earthquakes were a bit out in the desert so not many people got hurt. But a few snakes were rattled. (Snake Jokes)
  13. Even though earthquakes may seem to be nice…, they still have their faults.
  14. Some people are saying that the California earthquakes are a cause of past actions of humans…. But I think it’s San Andreas’ fault.
  15. What did California say to Baja California?… Nothing. They just shook!
  16. What is the safest place during an earthquake?… A stationary store.
  17. Last week I had a nightmare about earthquakes. I woke up trembling.
  18. Why are earthquakes so nice?… Because they are so grounded.
  19. How do food servers bring about earthquakes?… By moving plates.
  20. What did the coffee say after getting hit by an earthquake?… I’m shaken but not stirred.
  21. My report of an earthquake was not seriously considered by 911… I guess they did not understand the magnitude of the situation.
  22. During an earthquake, you know where the fault lies but you cannot blame anyone.
  23. What did the martini say after getting hit by an earthquake?… I’m shaken but not stirred.
  24. Hi nice to meet you, did you hear the news of the Alaskan earthquake?… Sorry, that is not a good icebreaker.
  25. Due to a fault from the earthquake, my living room and kitchen got seperated. It is causing a rift in my family.
  26. I wish I could describe the earthquake in more detail but I have a shaky memory of it.
  27. The explanations geologists give for the cause of an earthquake are pretty faulty.
  28. What were the two earthquakes fighting over?… To find out whose fault it was.
  29. What should you do if someone gets nervous during an earthquake?… Check if they are shaking uncontrollably.
  30. Since the earthquake struck I have been under some stress, but it is nobody’s fault.
  31. Why are earthquakes great journalists?… They have mastered the art of breaking news.
  32. How does an earthquake get punished?… It gets grounded.
  33. What is an earthquake during ‘Romeo And Juliet’ called?… A Shakesperience.
  34. Why was the tectonic plate upset?… Because everybody blamed it for the earthquake even when it wasn’t its fault.
  35. What do you call it when something is destroyed in an earthquake?… Destruction by de-fault.
  36. The earthquake cracked a witty joke. I liked the sar-chasm.
  37. What do you call an earthquake that has affected 4046.856 square meters of land?… A mass-acre.
  38.  What kind of exercises does an earthquake like?… Shake weights.
  39.  What do you get when a pasteurizing factory experiences an earthquake?… Milkshake.
  40. What did one earthquake say to the other earthquake?… Do not crack jokes about me.
  41. What happens when one plate goes on top of another?… An earthquake.
  42. Did you hear about the librarian that was killed in an earthquake?… She was crushed by a title wave.
  43. I experienced an earthquake today. It has left me shaken.
  44. The Richter scale is no longer used to measure the intensity of an earthquake… I am shook by this fact.
  45. My sister in California said she felt two earthquakes last week… I said that it was her fault.
  46. Earthquakes are funny because they crack you up.
  47. What do you call a cow in an earthquake?… A milkshake.
  48. San Andreas was hit by an earthquake again last week… Nobody could stand it.
  49. Nobody laughed at the earthquake’s joke. Only the ground cracked up.
  50. James Bond is fast asleep in bed when suddenly there is an earthquake!… He is shaken but not stirred.
  51. The information that the new earthquake study shows is truly groundbreaking.
  52. The earthquake was not strong in the desert, so nobody there got hurt. However, a few of the snakes were rattled.
  53. What do you call an earthquake during a production of Hamlet?… A Shakesperience.
  54. Tsunami invited Cyclone,Earthquake,and Drought to a tea party. No one came. Tsunami had a silent tea.
  55. What was the earthquakes punishment… It was grounded.
  56. What do you call a death that is caused by an earthquake?… Death by Default.
  57. What do you call it when there’s an earthquake at a cemetery?… A maraca band
  58. I recently got fired as an architect An earthquake came and the building collapsed because it wasn’t stabilized and I said it wasn’t my fault.
  59. During an earthquake, coffins double in function as human maracas.
  60. Why is a planet that is earthquake-free so awesome? Because it’s crack-a-lackin’
  61. I hate it when geologists explain the reasons behind earthquakes. All that stupid faulty logic.
  62. There was an earthquake where I live last night I’m pretty shaken up about it.A massive earthquake destroys a town It was the earth’s fault.
  63. I moved my girlfriend’s vase to the top shelf Then there was an earthquake and the vase fell off and broke. My girlfriend was angry with me, but it wasn’t my fault.
  64. What’s an Etch-A-Sketch artists’s worst nightmare? An earthquake.
  65. What did one earthquake say to the other earthquake? I’ve been really stressed out lately, I know it’s not your fault, but please stop cracking jokes about me.
  66. Did you hear about the recent earthquake research? The information is groundbreaking