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Author Bio: Mellie Wilkinson is an interior designer and blogger. She has worked on several high profile projects, and now serves as a consultant, helping both small families as well as large hotels in their business, thanks to her extensive repertoire. She can recommend exactly what will fit your budget and your palette, be it a regal mantelpiece or attractive but cheap bed linen.
Some hotels leave us completely spell bound. The magnificence and sheer beauty of the
plush interiors leave us mesmerized. You surely realize that splendid hotel décor and
designing don’t just happen accidentally. They are the products of meticulous planning,
artistic brilliance and technical excellence of qualified hotel interior designers. You are
expected to have a minimum bachelor’s degree. Additionally, as per the U.S. Bureau of
Labor Statistics, in several states you may need to obtain license for using the interior
designer designation.
A Certified Interior Designing Course makes way for a number of career options for you. An interior designer can come across several fulfilling career paths. More often than not,
interior designers opt for specializing in two or more fields of practice. They are extremely
creative and they enjoy implementing their knowledge, creativity and skills to all interior
décor and designing projects. They wish to be globally aware, socially accountable and
ecofriendly by designing a broad spectrum of interior spaces namely restaurants, hotels,
motels, hospitals, nightclubs, showrooms, shopping centers, museums, spas, health clubs,
offices, homes and libraries among many others.
Hotel Interior Design School
Identifying a good and reliable interior design school specializing in hotel interior design
seems to be a vital task. If you happen to choose your school thoughtfully and wisely you
could have access to several rewarding and fulfilling careers in interior design. You could
get an opportunity to develop the broad spectrum of abilities and skills that are sought by
today’s interior design companies only by enrolling in a school that strives for excellence in teaching and provides highest quality of academic education in interior designing. The
school should be able to understand the requirements and rigors of the dynamic industry.
Finding the right school is your stepping stone to the world of design.

Educational Requirements & Licensure
You must have a bachelor’s degree with preferably sound knowledge in interior design,
CAD (computer-aided design) and drawing. Bachelor’s degree is acceptable in any field.
Interior design programs can be acquired at the levels of associate’s degree, bachelor’s
degree or master’s degree. The reputed National Association of Schools of Art and Design is known to accredit around 300 post-secondary colleges, autonomous institutes and
universities with programs in the field of art and design.
The Council for Interior Design Accreditation is known to accredit over 150 professional-
level interior designing programs. The National Kitchen & Bath Association is known to
accredit Kitchen and Bath Design Specialty Programs (bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree and certificate level) in as many as 45 universities and colleges. Certifications are generally available through trade and professional associations. These are independent and do not require NCIDQ licensing examination.
Career Opportunities in Hotel Interior Design
The hospitality business is ever changing and so, interior designers specializing in hotel
design require to be flexible, creative and adaptable to cater to a rapidly evolving market.
The hotel interior designers are expected to cater to the whims and fancies of the clients.
They should be able to come up with concepts that are oozing in local charm or work on
international concepts exuding appeal and aura of some foreign land.
Hotel interior designing does not merely mean planning interiors of the guest rooms. It
means a lot of dedication, incredible amount of creativity, innovative ideas and meticulous planning that go into designing the plush interiors of the entire hotel including the cozy lobbies, pools and spas, training and conference centers, dining rooms and restaurants, living rooms, health clubs, gardens, educational spaces and business centers apart from the luxurious  suites and guest rooms.

Essential Qualities of a Hotel Interior Designer
Artistic Excellence: Interior designers are known to possess artistic brilliance, a unique
sense of style for developing designs that are aesthetically appealing.

Creativity: A hotel interior designer should be a creative genius. He should be imaginative and practical while choosing fabrics and furnishings. He should choose all beddings and furnishings with care so that they are not only appealing, but are suitable to the client’s lifestyle. He should have an artistic bent of mind and at the same time have a thorough knowledge of the market.
While focusing on the aesthetic appeal, he must never lose sight of the cost factor. His
intention should be to get high quality furnishings and fabrics but at relatively cheaper
rates. He should opt for attractive, but cheap bed linen and towels while planning the
interiors of the guest rooms.
He should not compromise on the standard of the bedlinen
and salon towels, but watch out for the best available deals.
Visualization: Interior designers should possess a keen visual awareness and sense of
proportion for understanding how different parts of a design would be integrated to create
the anticipated interior ambiance.

Interpersonal skills: Interior designers should possess great communication skills. They need to communicate well as their job involves mostly interacting with and convincing new clients and working on new projects with engineers, contractors or other designers.
Problem-solving skills: Hotel interior designers should be able to overcome challenges on a day to day basis such as rising costs, construction delays or unexpected unavailability of certain materials. They need to take care of unpredicted issues and ensure that the project is completed keeping budgetary constraints on mind and as per schedule.
Next time when you walk into a hotel and are impressed by the mind-blowing interiors,
remember that didn’t happen by chance. The full credit goes to the interior designers who
have put in their technical and artistic excellence toward creating the mesmerizing