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My Town Tutors is honored to have so many experienced educators and parents share their experience and expertise with our followers. We are so proud of our guest blogs and hope you have found them as enlightening as we have.
As we are enjoying the summer, we wanted to look back on the year and share with you our most popular guest blogs for the school year. If you have a chance, take a read and post a comment. We would love your feedback.

1. Flipping the Classroom to Break Through in Today’s Society

Mayra Aixa Villar is a freelance instructional designer and researcher who is passionate about educational technology.  She is currently finishing a thesis to obtain an MA in Applied Linguistics. Her dissertation is about linguistic modeling and computer-based applications. This project has allowed her to intern at UN HQ, participate in international meetings and collaborate in several research activities. You can also follow Mayra on Twitter @MayraAixaVillar or on

2. Should Kids Miss School for a Disney Trip?

Tami is an Application Developer by day, Family Nurturer by night.  She is married with 2 small kids and lives in Colorado.  She loves reading and the great outdoors, and has a blog chronicling some of her fun adventures.  It features storytelling about family, humor, outdoors fun, wild toddlers, baking, naughty dogs, travel, kid’s perspectives, good reads, a giveaway every now and then, and all things Disney!  You can find her at The Colorado Mountain Mom.

3. Student Grades: How to Turn Around a Midyear SLUMP

Marc Hoberman is the Owner / Director of Grade Success Tutoring and Educational Consulting. His One Minute Educator Videos help students, parents, and teachers reach their full potential. Marc is available for Private or Group Educational Consulting via webcam or phone. Visit for more information.

4. All kids can SUCCEED – Be the “1”

Bill Burkhead is the Assistant Principal at Plymouth North High School.  He is an 18 year veteran educator, who served as Plymouth North’s Adjustment Counselor before becoming Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for 10 years.  He was the Coordinator of Wellness for the Canton public schools and has taught elementary health and high school physical education.  He is also a volunteer football coach for Plymouth Pop Warner. Connect with him on twitter @northeagles.

5. World Autism Day

Lorrie Servati is a mom, substitute teacher and autism advocate for her nine year old son. Lorrie shares her son’s progress on his autism journey since he was diagnosed four years ago. Visit her blog, Nathan’s Voice, for online Resources for Families.
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